Sunday, March 21, 2010

New storm door Patches, and more flowers

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted in a while friends. I did make a post last week and somehow all the sentences got all jumbled up so I quit. 

A couple of weeks ago Ken was carrying some bird seed through the kitchen to the back porch. He bumped his head and somehow swung around and bumped the sliding glass doors with his rear and busted it into what looked like a million pieces.

Well we looked and called all over the place for another one and found out they don't make them anymore. We called a storm door and window place and had someone come out and discuss what he could do so we could have a doggie door for Patches and Daisy. We decided to add a storm door so we could open it in warm weather and still have a screen. We wanted the bottom to be clear so Patches could look out and watch for the squirrels. She sits a lot looking out that window.
Here is what we came up with.  See Patches looking out the door? See my reflection in the door LOL?

Patches has been under the weather for several days. She would go limp as a noodle and fall . I would pick her up and put her on the couch or bed where she would lay very still and her eyes would follow me. Then she would get ok. She did this twice in about three weeks. We took her to two different vets when it happened and they couldn't figure out what is the matter with her. Blood work showed up nothing. Our regular vet which was not open the first time told us several things to test for if it happened again because she would be fine when we got there. He said it could be her heart but was not showing up by either vet listening really good. He said if it was a regular seizure she would have went stiff for a while.  He is going to look further into his books to see if he can find anything. The last spell happened Friday. We can not afford the expense it would cost doing brain scans and so forth. He is not equipped to do it anyway. We just pray that it doesn't happen again.
Now on to some more spring flowers.

I can't believe the forecast is calling for snow tonight. Seeing is believing LOL. Our Bartlett pear tree is full of buds and blooms already and the neighborhood has tulip trees blooming and blooming Bradford pear trees blooming.
I hope everyone has a good night and a blessed week next week. Helen