Monday, May 25, 2009

About time for an entry

Sorry about not reading any blogs lately or commenting but things have been so hectic around here lately. Doing this and that for my daughter and us. She has been and is really having it rough. Just been walking a few steps with her walker to the table and bathroom. Part of the time she had to lie on her side in bed and eat. She has really been in a lot of pain. She is on several type of meds.
Those meds were not holding the pain at bay so Ken went down to the doc's office last Wed. when his day was here in town. The receptionist tried to put him off telling him to call the main office and talk to a nurse in Birmingham Al. Ken told her that wouldn't do a bit of good, the doc needed to do something about her pain. They tried to keep putting him off but Ken told them he was parking himself in the office until closing time and would follow the doc to his car because he WAS going to see him. Well they did a couple more patients and called him. The doc was very nice to him and did up her pain med from one tablet every 4 hours to 2 tablets every 4 hours which seem to help a lot.
It takes the IV antibiotics close to three hours to run. This has to be done twice a day which makes it rough on an old woman like me to have to stay up late getting through with it and on her also. They came out yesterday AM at almost 10:00 to do blood work because they were going to be off today. Well it has to be 12 hours since her last IV so that got us started late yesterday morning and then finishing last last night. Takes it's toil on old and sick folks not getting much sleep. I think she is doing some better or the pain meds are helping one. Her temp is not as high as it was when she came home.
Ken has been helping all he could doing part of the cooking and all the grocery shopping for us then trying to keep the fast growing grass cut. It has been raining a lot and that grass runs away. Bless his heart he has to cut a few rounds and rest.
Thanks again for your wonderful prayers, good thoughts and comments.

We planted some wild flower seed in the early spring and a few of them are blooming plus some of the volunteer flowers from last season have come up and have just started blooming. Everything is not in full bloom yet.
I have no idea what these flowers are. One looks kinda like a snapdragon but is not. They are planted close to the house so I don't have far to walk to take a picture LOL.
You can see the sun was shining brightly at this time.
Wildflower1-5-24 09

Wildflower 2 5 24-09

I think this might be some sort of Poppie.

Have a blessed Memorial Day everyone and stay safe. Helen and Family.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Coming Home

Thanks again for all your comments, good wishes ,and your prayers for Mira and us. We certainly appreciate all of them.
Mira called this morning and said they said for Ken to come on over that she could come home today. Well it took him 1 and a half hours to get there then he waited almost five hours and finally they are on their way home. Thank the Good Lord. The doc has already told her she would be in a good deal of pain until this clears up pretty good. They have cut way back on her meds and last night and today she has been in a lot of pain and just miserable.
I called Ken and he said the roads were really congested. I will be so glad when they get home.
At least they gave her the IV meds right before she left so Home Health will get that set up tomorrow hopefully. Ken will still have to get her pain meds when he gets home. I just hope the pharmacy will still be open. Now I pray for a quick recovery. Six weeks is a long time to have to take those meds through an IV. Well once a day. I dread all the pain she will have to go through yet. That makes me so nervous and makes me hurt for her.

Snowball bush

 Snowball bush 4-25-09

Have a blessed evening everybody. Thanks again. You people are the best.
Hugs to everyone, Helen

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on my daughter and Mother's Day flowers

Thanks again for all your good thoughts and prayers. We still need them.

Where to start? I suppose it all started when Mira got home from the hospital. She didn't do good from when she first came home on on the 7th of May, She was in a lot of pain and got where she couldn't get off the bed or to walk without help or almost screaming with pain plus she was running a temp so this past Monday night the 12th she got a friend to take her back to the hospital emergency room where the surgery was done. First they did an MRI and couldn't see anything and was going to do a nerve block but cancelled that because her blood work showed up an infection so off they went to do a Base Disk Biopsy on Wed.
Mira's doc didn't know exactly what to make of that culture that was taken Wed. so he called in a specialist in that field to have a look at it Friday morning then he came and talked to Mira. He said everyone carried a certain type of staph on their skin but her's happened to get into the incision and had it very irritated. It is not the really dangerous kind like Ken had so bad that he caught from someone when he was in the hospital last year but it was from her own skin cells and that is a good thing. She will have to take antibiotics intravenous for 6 weeks. She will stay in the hospital until she is a lot better and have to take them at home when she leaves. I have no idea how they will arrange all that. I think a home health nurse will come to her home to do that.
They put one of those deep vein IV's that ran from just above her elbow up her arm and on close to her heart to put the antibiotics in. She said that was very painful and took them 2 hours to do it. They had a hard time getting it in.

Ken has gone over to check on her early this morning and taking her another phone. Someone stole hers Thursday out of her room when she went for more tests. One of the nurses found her wallet outside her door on a cart. Everything was in it. Mira thinks someone had both and had probably almost got caught so put the wallet on that cart. They probably had already slipped the phone in their pocket. One of the nurses let Mira use her cell long enough for her to call us so I have been calling the hospital phone to check on her since then. Ken called the cell company and had her phone disconnected as soon as we found out. I then went and got her another phone and Ken activated it Friday morning and got her the same number. They gave her back the minutes she had on the other phone.

Now on to Mother's Day. Mira was already here and my son and DIL came. Ken's son Kevin was here. We all had a good lunch. My son and DIL brought me a hanging basket of some kind of flowers I am not familiar with but sort of look like my monkey faces but are not. The also gave me a card and some $$$.
Here are two pictures of them.

M-Day 15-10 09 2

M-Day5-15-09 1
Click on pic to get a better view of it

Maybe one day I will have some good news to report. It seems like all I have done lately is make post that are not so good.

Have a blessed day and weekend everyone. Helen

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all Mother's everywhere if you consider yourself a Mother to anyone or to any animal of any sort. I feel like I am a Mother to my children as well as to our dogs.

May your day be a blessed one. Helen

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Update On My Daughter

Update on my daughter, Ken just called a few minutes ago and said Mira had come through the surgery fine and was in recovery. If she is doing ok this afternoon they will let her come on home. It will be according to how she is doing. The doc said he had cleaned out more of that disk and cleared that nerve, said this happens sometimes but he wouldn't guaranteed that it couldn't happen again sometime in the future but more than likely it would not. I just pray that it won't and that she will have a quick and complete recovery. Thanks once again for all your prayers and good thoughts that you have sent our way.

Another update: They just called me and are headed on home. I think Mira decided that she should come on home while she still had a lot of medicine in her, that it would be even rougher riding tomorrow. The Dr had left it up to her if she felt like coming or not.


Have a blessed afternoon everyone. Helen

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Short Update

Thought I would give a short update on my daughter. Tomorrow around 9:00 AM CST she will have back surgery again. The last MRI showed that disk had herniated and is pressing the nerve really bad is what is causing all that pain. Therefore the doc will have to clean all that out. Ken will take her and be with her as I am unable to go. She will be laying down in the backseat of the car and I can't sit that long. I would appreciate more prayers and good thoughts that you all will send her way if you will please. Thanks again in advance.

The house finches have shown up again and the Goldfinches seem to have thinned out a lot.

 House finch 5-2-09

Have a blessed evening everybody, Helen