Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some flowers from my spring bouquet, Ken's sleep Apena and My daughter's back surgery

3-21-09 rose

Good Saturday morning to everybody, Ken is doing really good wearing his CPAP for his sleep Apnea.
He went back to the Dr. Thursday and all his test looked good. His doc said he was doing fine with using it. He has slept about all night the last two nights using it. He also has more energy to do things.

That breathing test turned out fine . The one where they put you in a room and make you breathe all sorts of ways, not the Apnea test. His xrays he had made the other day turned out good also. His doc gave him a good report.

3-21-09 white daisies

3-21-09 004

My daughter Mira is having her back surgery next Tuesday March 31st. Would everyone please remember her in your prayers and good thoughts that she will have a safe surgery and a fast and complete recovery. Thank you all in advance.

3-21-09 rose
Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Bouquetr 3-20-09 010

Happy First Day Of Spring Everybody.
The above picture is a bouquet of spring flowers from Ken.
He gives me one each year on the first day of spring. Don't you just love the clover patch in our yard LOL.

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our sunset yesterday- 3-11-09


I though I would share our sunset yesterday.

Have a blessed day everyone.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ken and his sleep test

Good afternoon everyone. Yesterday was a beautiful day, close to 80 degrees but today is a little cooler with rain starting tomorrow and lasting for several days.

Ken went last night and had part of his test done for sleep Apnea. Yes, he does have it. He didn't sleep long enough at a time to be able to set the numbers on a machine he will have to use. He will finish the test next Tuesday night. The Dr came around while I was there to get him this morning and I got to hear the results along with Ken. He was stopping breathing on the average of 17 times every hour. The time it showed he quit breathing lasted for 35 seconds to 60 seconds. I knew he was stopping breathing and tried to get him to have this done many years ago but he hasn't done it until now. The doc said that machine he will be using will stop that loud snoring and he will not be quitting breathing anymore. Makes me wonder why people put things off where their health is concerned but I am sure everyone does it. So do I.
Now for a picture of a lone flower which my uncle and aunt planted the bulbs for me last year. They put out 10 bulbs, each one a different color flower. The others came up but only one has a bloom unless some bloom later. Hopefully they will bloom better next spring.
3-11-09 002

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Daughter's surgery and Carolina Wren

Good morning everybody, Well yesterday my daughter went to see the neurosurgeon and his report was: She has a herniated disk between L4-L5. He says he can make a tiny incision, trim off the disk and she can go back to work in a week. This was great news. She was so happy with the report she was crying when she called me from the Dr's office. She was so afraid she was going to have to have a spinal fusion. Several years ago she had an auto wreck and an MRI showed 2 ruptured disk. She has suffered with it off and on for several years now and missed a lot of work especially lately on account of it. Well this MRI showed only one disk was ruptured. He said the other one had healed itself.
She will have her surgery on the 31st of this month(April) and can recoup the week school is out for spring break. She is a teacher. My request is will everyone please remember her in your prayers and good thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Now on to a couple of pictures I made of this Carolina Wren I made the day it snowed. There is an old clothes peg sack hanging on the back porch which some wrens have used before but not last season. I have noticed them going in there for the night a lot so I just let the bag hang there for them. It seems this season they are going to use it again. I saw one headed that way this morning doing it's chirruping. Yes they do have their nest in there and have raised babies there two seasons. At least it's out of the weather.

Carolina Wren 3-1-09

 C.Wren Nest 3-4-09

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Monday, March 2, 2009

A few more snow pictures

3-1-09 012

Patches footprints
Patches footprints 3-1-09

Here she is checking out the snow, No I did not cut her head off this blog did that. If you click on the pic you can see all of it LOL
Patches-3-1-09 1

Now she on the alert for squirrels

The Snow is all gone now but it's pretty cold. For those who wondered. Yes, the pear blossom pics yesterday laden with snow is from the same tree I posted about the other day with the pretty blooms. Ken hopes the snow kills all the blooms so he won't have to pick any up pears later LOL. When those pears fell last year they got covered with baby bumblebees, I mean a lot of them, (he got his hands stung even through his gloves) so Ken had to pick them up twice a day because the tree was loaded with pears.
Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rare snow in Alabama

This is the only snow we have had this winter season. We only got about an inch I suppose.

Poor Pear tree blossoms.

3-1-09 018

3-1-09 021