Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I am still around.

I am still hanging in there folks. Ken and I have been doing a little geocaching since Christmas. We needed to get out and do a few things and not sit here at home so much. My back has been holding our fairly well. We have run into some interesting places to go not far from home either. People can hide these things in the oddest places. Some we find and some we don't.
Here are some of the places we have went and things we have found.
I have no idea why some of the words have background colors. It won't let me fix the either.

                                                  This one is called a Nano. There is a tiny log rolled up inside that you sign your name and the date. Some of the pictures I just realized are on Ken's computer. I need to put them on mine also.

My daughter is still recuperating from some surgery on her neck for another tumor she had done a few days before Christmas. It split back open and the nurses have been coming to school twice a day to pack and dress it. They are coming to her home on the weekends doing it also. It is leaving a pretty large place but is gradually filling in. Her doc said yesterday it was about half filled in. It has been really hard on her teaching school and doing all she has to do but with God's help she is making it.  
My DIL has been sick for two weeks but is better. I am asking for your prayers for all them please, and for my son who has been out of work for a few days. I pray that he finds another good one close to home with health benefits. When some of his employers found out  about having to soon provide for health insurance they have been going out of business which makes it hard to find a good one. He was out a month before Christmas but then worked a month or so and now is out looking for another one. Some of these companies move from place to place. He is in Welding. 

Will everyone remember Sara, Jeff and Oreo in your prayers.
They have lost there beloved dog Misty which they dearly loved.
They are going to really miss their girl. She was so pretty and sweet. Rest in peace Misty. You will have no more sickness and pain. Misty is the tan and white one in the picture. Beautiful dogs and well trained. They will appreciate your prayers.

I hope everyone has a blessed week. Thanks in advance for all your prayers. Helen

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I would like to tell everybody Happy New Year! 
I hope this year brings happiness, good health, peace, and more jobs to everyone.