Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good morning!

Good morning everybody,
Today is going to be a beautiful day but tomorrow will be even prettier.
My daughter is going to spend some time with us this next week due to her school is having spring week.
Hopefully we can get out and geocache some while she is here.
Ken and I went out and hid a couple last week but the week since then has been rainy and cold. It was cloudy and cold yesterday until way on in the evening. We were glad to see the sun come out. After the front yard dried off a bit then Ken cut the grass. The back yard is still soggy wet.
Here are a few pictures from the last geocache hide.
The crab apple trees have been beautiful. They were getting past their prime a bit before I took any pictures, this is from the first of the week while we putting out some geocaches.

Here is a short video of a stream not far from the trees. 

Have a blessed weekend. Helen