Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Jesus. Merry Christmas to all of you.

                                                     Happy Birthday Jesus

                           Merry Christmas Everybody. May your day              be Blessed and Happy.            


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Many Thanks

Many Thanks to all of you for your prayers and condolences for our families in the passing of my brother. I could feel the comfort of all them surrounding me during this sad time. They have helped to ease the sorrow.
May all of you have a very blessed Christmas. Stay safe during the Holidays.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Asking for prayers

I didn't realize when I made my last entry that I would be back so soon asking you all for your thoughts and prayers. Will everyone please remember mine and my brother's family in your prayers. My brother Doyle Richardson passed away at home last night in his sleep. Thank you in advance.

Hugs to everyone, Helen

Friday, December 10, 2010

Had to start all over .

Well I had an entry almost finished and hit the wrong key and the whole thing disappeared. So I am starting over.
I awoke up to a beautiful sunrise Wednesday morning that I thought I would share.

Well this eye has finally about got straightened out from my precious surgery. I still have a floater at times that makes me think a black fly is flying in front of my face. Makes me swat at it at times then at times I can't even see it. This happened last week after I had a little laser surgery done. 
Ken still has macular degeneration in his eyes and has to get a shot in one eye each month. I hope that will soon get better and he won't have to have the shots anymore. 

Mira has had more health problems and is doing better except she will have another tumor removed from her neck while she is out of work during Christmas. She missed over a week having some surgery done about two months ago. She had a large tumor removed from her sternum and some more work done at that time but the reports came back benign, thank the Good Lord.

Ken and I rode up on a mountain close to the house the other day where I took the header picture. All the pretty foliage was just about gone by then.
I thought I would show you all how our two girls ride when we take them with us. Daisy loves riding in the front with Ken while Patched loves riding on the platform Ken made in back of the jeep and covered with cheap carpet. Patches like to be where she can see everything. That head is constantly moving looking around.
                              Daisy, she is watching Ken.

Patches, she is watching me. She likes to ride with her head on the backseat with her face between her paws. I know it jars her to do that. Sometimes she is all over the place. Ken lets the window down a crack at times and she hops up there and puts one foot on the bottom of the window where he has made a place to put her foot to keep her from sliding down while the other foot is either on the side of the back where he has put another strip or puts her right  foot on his left shoulder and she sniffs the air coming in the window. Daisy's bed is on the other side of Patches.
Well I have told about all the news I know for this time.
I will try to make another entry before Christmas.

I hope everybody has a blessed day  and a blessed weekend.
Yes, it has been cold here in AL. 20ยบ here yesterday morning.