Friday, March 25, 2011

To long

It's been to long since I have updated. We are still getting out geocaching and putting some out also. The weather has been perfect for that. Now we will have to be careful and watch for snakes while in the woods and weeds. Some people have already seen some around here.
I got some new glasses this week which makes everything look so much bright and crisper just in time to see all these pretty flowers and flowering trees this spring. There are some beautiful flowering crab apple trees downtown but I forgot my camera when we went to get my glasses. Guess they will be gone before we get back down that way. We had a frost last night which will probably get them. We have had some beautiful days in the 80's though for several days. I am loving them.
Here are a few of my spring flowers and some wisteria from when we went geocaching yesterday.

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen