Monday, June 29, 2009

As if I am not worried enough already

We just have had to make a quick run hunting Patches. They were shooting those guns in National Guard training. That makes twice that they did several this morning. I had already given her a benadryl then they started again. We saw her run out her doggie door and ran to the back of the yard all the while we were calling her. She was like she was in a trance. Just ignored us calling, went behind the storage building and we know she climbed the fence although we couldn't see her. We rode several blocks behind and in front of the house and went to the main road. There she was running down the road. She went a long way running to get there. Some dogs inside a fence were barking at her so she headed to the fence wagging her tail. Ken pulled up and I called her and she came running and went to Ken's side and hopped in, proud to see us. I now have the doggie dog shut for a while. Guess we will have to shut it from now on as soon as they start shooting. It is so loud at times the windows shake which is unnecessary.
I am a nervous wreck already without her doing that. I am headed off to bed with an ice pack for this back.

This was made last week while she was sitting looking for squirrels.

Patches 6-25-09 002
We would be lost without her or Daisy Mae.
Daisy Mae

Not coming home

Well Mira is not going to get to come home today. Her heart has been doing the A fib thing at night so one of her doctors is going to get the Cardiologist involved again. She still needs your prayers please.
Thank you all in advance.
May your day be a blessed one. Helen

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The second try this morning

For the second try to make an entry this morning. I was almost finished with the entry when it just disappeared all at once.
Mira is supposed to come home tomorrow, Monday, if all goes well. She still has to use the walker and is still in a lot of pain. She will still be on the IV antibiotic for three weeks to make sure this is all gone and doesn't come back but thankfully it will be for thirty minutes only once a day unlike the first one which was close to three hours twice a day.

Ken's first patio tomato. It didn't come out sharp and clear.

6 25-09 018

First hibiscus blossom of the season. This bush is way over my head and the bloom was way at the top of course LOL.

6-27-09 003

This is the hibiscus look alike which is a wildflower of some sort which is about knee high. The undergrowth is flowers also but has not bloomed yet.

6-27-09 013

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Short update

Thank the Good Lord all Mira's blood work and the biopsy shows negative. They finally took her off those antibiotics Monday that was doing all that to her and changed to another one once a day. Her heart went into Afib Monday morning but she didn't let me know until late evening. That is the first time that has ever happened to her. They ran all kind of test then on the last one, the echo thingy it showed it had went back into normal rhythm. They put a back brace of some sort on her yesterday. I don't know if this will be an all time thing or just when she is up. Her back is still in a lot of pain. Her back doc has been out of town and supposed to be back today they said. Then the two doctors will have a conference about her. Hopefully she will be back here soon and maybe by then I will feel better with more strength. This back is an on going thing with me.

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on my daughter

Thought I would give an update on my daughter. First I would like to thank all of you for your prayers, good thoughts and comments for all of us.
She is still in the hospital for one week already. The doc came around this morning and said he was going to change her antibiotic for her IV today. The other one has made her legs break out in a rash, made blisters inside her mouth and on her tongue and lips. She said she can hardly swallow. I hope this one doesn't give her any side effects. They did another biopsy on her back in the incision last week but they haven't told her any results from it yet. I pray that she gets better soon. We have no idea when she will get to come home.

I am headed to see my DR this morning right before lunch. Hopefully to get something for this back and maybe a vitamin B12 shot. I am so tired I can hardly walk. I am going to see about getting the B12 shot on a monthly basis. I need all the energy I can get.

This is one of our wildflowers just bloomed this morning. As with most of them that have bloomed I have no idea what kind it is, the plant is about knee high. Looks kinda like a miniature hibiscus.

7-22-09 wildflower

Have a blessed day everybody. Helen

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers

Happy Father's day to all fathers today, may you all have a happy and blessed day. For those of you who still have a Father make a point to visit or call him today if possible. I still miss mine so much still. We lost him in 1996.

 Cosmos 7-17-19

I will try to put in an update on my daughter tomorrow. She is still in the hospital and not doing well at all.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More bad news

I just hate to have to post this entry. Ken took my daughter Mira back to the communicable disease Doctor this morning and she cried just about all the time, has been for the last couple of days. Her temp is staying way up and she is in terrific pain. Her body aches all over now. They have kept her in the hospital to run some more test and may change her antibiotic. It seems this one is having a lot of bad side effects. They will probably do another MRI. I pray that they can find something to relieve all the pain and fever she is having. I would appreciate it if you all would keep sending up those prayers and good thoughts.

May you all be richly blessed. Helen

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thing are looking up a bit.

Good evening everybody. Today is a rainy day here today. Things are still moving slowly around here. My daughter Mira is still having to use the walker but seems to be able to get around a little better. She has mostly come off of her pain pills and muscle relaxers. Something was causing pressure in her chest and shortness of breath so she is leaving them off.
She is still on the Antibiotics through the IV twice a day. The druggist thinks it was not a side effect of the antibiotics. Ken will take her back Tuesday to the doc who is in charge of this part. She still has about 9 days to go twice a day. I hope it will be all when that is finished. He will probably have a hard time finding the place and parking he is told. He is going to rent a wheelchair to get her where she is to go. Since she is feeling some better things have lightened up with me. Not as much worrying but she is still running some temp though.
Now on to a couple of flower pics.
Batchlors button(I think)
6-9--09 Batchlor button 1

A clump of volunteer poppies from one volunteer last spring.

5-1-09 013
Have a blessed Sunday evening and a blessed week next week. May your troubles and worries be light ones. Helen

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coming along slowly

Well it has been a slow go for all of us. My daughter called Home Health today and got the readings on her blood work which was done Monday. Everything shows an improvement. The Home Health place faxes in the results of it to the Doc every week so he can see the results and adjust the dosage of the meds before they send them out here.
She still has a problem getting up and making short trips here in the house using her walker. Not sitting any except to eat. The physical therapist came today and did some work on her legs and hips which relieved a lot of back pain she was having. I hope the adjustment lasts a while. He will come back again Friday. She has also been running a pretty high temp but I believe it was a little lower last night.
She has some infection which is showing up in her lymph glands but the Dr said there was nothing he could do about that, it was a viral infection and would just have to run it's course. You would think those antibiotics she is taking in that IV would stop that but he said no it wouldn't.
This old lady has just about run out of energy and the back pain is terrible.
Oh, our Daisy has not hardly left Mira's bed while she has been sick. If she leaves for a little while and Mira cries out in pain from muscles spasms in her back Daisy goes running back to check on her.

I am sorry but I still haven't had the time or energy to read but a couple of blogs then comment or not. Maybe one day things will smooth out some.

Zinnia 6-1--09

Ken's patio tomato.
Patio Tomato 6-1--09

Have a blessed night and Thursday everyone.
Thanks again for your prayers, good thoughts and comments.
Love to you all, Helen