Saturday, July 30, 2011

Times are not so good.

Good morning everybody. It's been quite a while since I have made an entry. Like everywhere else it has been so hot here in Alabama. We are having a time keeping our grass cut in this hot humid weather. That grass is growing twice as fast as it normally would.
Well I am asking all of you for more prayers our way. Ken had a scan done on his abdomen a couple of weeks ago. Our regular surgeon has left his practice and went on to higher things. So we went to see the surgeon who helped with the surgery when Ken had his ruptured aortic aneurysm. The doc who sent him to get the scan thought he had a aneurysm now. Well it turned out what they were seeing was the repair work that was done before. Only thing is when this surgeon looked at the scan, (he could pull up scans from the hospital) he could see where there was an aneurysm below his groin in both artery's going down toward his knees. He scheduled another scan to be done on the 3rd of August so he could tell more about them. He said they can sometimes put a stent in an aneurysm to help that. I pray that they can do this on Ken.  Also he scheduled something similar to a colonoscopy to be done on the 10th only Ken just has a few inches of his colon left from those two cancer surgeries. He will check that part out to make sure it is still ok. 
In the meantime our regular doc had called for more blood work on his prostrate reading so the nurse called to say he had a 35% chance of having prostrate cancer. He will wait until these two other things are taken care of to see an urologist about that. So you can see why I am asking all you to send up prayers and good thoughts for him.  
Hopefully one day I can make an entry when things are going ok.  Well things have been going pretty well this summer. Ken has been wracking his brains trying to think up interesting things to do on hiding those geocaches. He has been enjoying that and has made quite a few interesting ones to hide. We have hunted a few geocaches which is always a fun thing to do. We haven't hunted as many as we would if gas wasn't so high now and if my back was in better shape.

By the way our den used to be a carport when was enclosed to make a den so just right outside this door is the real carport. Anyway I can hear a cricket making it's noise because it has eased under the door coming in here. Those things are hard to find LOL.

I will update this entry when we have some news on what is going on with Ken.Thanks in advance for your prayers.

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend.
Love to you all,