Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Stormy Time

Well this afternoon and tonight is another stormy time here is Al. Several tornado's have been spotted in the state. I don't know if any damage has been done anywhere or not. I can hear it thundering now. Would you believe it is calling for snow showers on Sunday? We shall see LOL.
We did have some colder weather last week with weather in the twenties. I though the Bartlett pear tree was a gonner for sure but it is still hanging in there. Ken says he hopes the blooms will get killed since he had to pick up so many pears and dispose of them last summer and fall LOL.

Bartlett Pear 2-18-09

Bartlett Pear 2-18-09

We both went back to our regular doc yesterday. Ken has pulled his stomach muscles and has been having a time. He went to a Cares Clinic Wednesday and got some muscle relaxers and pain caps and that has helped. He goes next week to get a breathing test of some sort done then on to a pulmonary or lung doc next Wed. He has been getting out of breath really easy. Our doc is doing a bunch of blood work in a few days. That clinic did a few and says his white blood cell count is up some so our doc is checking that out with other blood work his heart doc wanted done.
My hip and upper leg has been doing some better but this back is still giving me fits at times. At least the pain running down that right leg and the upper thigh is better.
My daughter has an appointment with the neurosurgeon for next Tuesday the 3rd. with her back. She was out of work all last week with that. Please remember us all in you good thoughts and prayers. Thanks in advance.
I am hoping better days are ahead so we can do some crappie fishing from the banks this spring the Good Lord willing. We can always be hopeful. Never loose hope or faith is our motto. Got to keep hanging on.
Oh, we ordered some wildflowers for the front plot that is supposed to be low grow more than what we had last year and some for shady spots on the side of our carport. They came yesterday. Ken will have to see to that when he is better. Doing something like that would set me way back for sure.
Well I slept for a while so back off to bed I go to see if I can snooze a little more.
Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tornados everywhere yesterday

Yesterday evening and early night was a scary situation with tornadoes all over the state of AL and even went over into GA where my daughter lives . Large hail along with loud thunder boomers, lightening and wind. Everone was safe though, some trees were uprooted near here.
If you wonder why I am so afraid of them, I was in a tornado once in a car ,it picked it up off the ground and slammed it back down hard enough to break an oil seal. The hail was so large it felt like someone battering the car all over with baseball bats. The whole car was shaking. There were huge dents all over it afterward. Really scary. It did pick one car up and threw it into a pond on the interstate. We were riding parallel on a secondary road. It flattened a huge clothing store a few feet from us. Tore down a whole small mall. It crossed the road right in front of us tearing up everything in it's path.Buildings including. No deaths thankfully. So therefore I am very afraid of tornados. We were blessed not to be killed in that one.
Well here is some of the large hail that I took through the front glass door after it was gone yesterday.

Large Hail- 2-18-09

Have a blessed evening everyone and be safe. Helen

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still hanging in there

Good afternoon everybody. We are all still hanging in there, Doing a little better but far from well. I have been shredding old bills the last two weeks from way back. I thought I would get some of this mess cleared up so if something should happen to me then no one else would have to do so much. I cleaned out Ken's old office desk and we gave it and a chair to a place called Center of Hope. Of course I had to box up the old paper work that needs to be saved in case the IRS should ever call for the records.
We are under a tornado watch until 8:00 PM tonight. I hope it doesn't get bad weather wise.
Now on to some of the flowers that are blooming here now.

2-10-09 001

2-10-09 004

2-10-09 008

2-18-09 010

2-18-09 003

2-18-09 008

Have a blessed afternoon everyone. Helen

Thursday, February 5, 2009

2-5-09 003

Good evening everybody, Just a short entry to let you know I am still around.
I haven't been doing anything of interest lately. Not even able to get out and walk any. I got a call returned from my doc this morning. I had called asking him to call several days ago. I wanted to know if a block on the right side would be worth the side effects of the steroids that makes my heart race and also skip beats. He said if it did that to me then he would not do one. He said he doesn't know of anything else he would be able to do to help me in any way. He suggested that I stay in touch with my local doc and see if there is any kind of medication he would give me. Since I can't take pain or anti inflammatory meds that is not going to do me a lick of good except go get a torodol shot when it gets really bad. I have been using the ice packs and staying off my feet as much as possible to combat the pain.

The weather here in Alabama is very cold for us. It got down close to 16 degrees the last two nights and the days have been cold and windy. It did get into the 40's today and supposed to get in the low 60's tomorrow so hopefully it is beginning to warm up a little more.

Sorry that I don't have anything of interest to report.
Have a blessed night everyone. Helen