Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry I have not updated lately

Just a quick entry to say that I am sorry I haven't updated lately.
Mira is doing much better and hopes to return to work soon.
I just pray that when she does she can hold out without a lot of pain.
She has a call in to her surgeon's office to see if she can see him soon to get the ok to go back to work. She has been doing pool therapy several times since I made an entry. It is helping her to build some of her muscles back. She has walked a few times without her walker. Sometimes she uses the pole Ken made for her and still uses the walker at times also. She still wears her back brace when she is up. We had a healing service with my aunt and uncle one day last week and it seems that she is steadily getting better.

Now on to me, I did have those test done and the doc didn't see anything wrong with my throat or in the colonscopy area either. Guess those Prontix tabs are helping. I still have some acid reflux though. I also had my antibiotics filled again this week for the bleeding that was coming from my kidneys. I had got really weak again so decided to go ahead and do that. In a couple of weeks I will go back to my regular doc and have them tested again. Ken and I both have appointments to see him then.

Thanks again to all of you for your prayers, good thoughts, and encouraging comments.
Love to you all, Helen

Friday, July 17, 2009

We feel like a Miracle is happening

We feel like a miracle is taking place. Mira went back to her back doc Wed and did not get good news. She cried most of the evening. Her MRI showed the Staph had ate almost all of that disk away. She said it looked like Swiss cheese. She still had not walked any without her walker and was still in tremendous pain.
We began to pray that a miracle would happen. Well yesterday and today she hasn't been in very much pain and walking and getting around is so much easier. In fact she used her walker to come into the bedroom where I was and had me watch her. She turned loose of that walker and made a circle in the room before going back to the walker. Thank The Good Lord. We pray that she will continue to get better each day.
We truly thank each one of you for your prayers, comments and good thoughts.

Now on to me. I did go to our surgeon Wednesday and he set up my light bulb down the throat thing and a colonoscopy for early next Monday. I dread the prep on Sunday. For those of you who have done that knows it is not a fun thing to do.

Here are a couple of our Monkey face flowers.

Purple Monkey Face7-3 09

Pink Monkey Face 7-17-09

Have a blessed weekend everybody. Helen

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One thing after another

Sunday evening I got so weak I could hardly walk across the floor. Chest pains and pressure and I thought I was going to pass out. I went ahead and toughed it out because I thought acid reflux was the problem. I have done that about 3 times with acid reflux in the past. Early Monday morning we went on to the emergency room where I stayed for several hours and they admitted me where I stayed until mid afternoon today. They did all kinds of blood work and X-rays along with a stress test given by meds and scans. The chest hurting was acid related but the weakness was caused by me being anemic. The doc said I was losing blood some where and was going to do the light bulb thing tomorrow. After my insurance found out it wasn't my heart they wouldn't pay for another night in the hospital so I will have to have that done as an outpatient later. I will call tomorrow and set up a time to get that done. I still have some blood in my urine also and it wasn't mentioned when they dismissed me. I will try to get this stomach issue done with before I take any antibiotics for the kidneys. I don't think my tummy could take any right now. I just took some for that about 3 weeks ago.
We never know what is going to crop up next. Poor Ken had to worry about me and be here with Mira some to help her with her IV and fix her something to eat part of the time because she can't stand long enough to do that. She is not doing any better with that back. Still using the walker to get short distances. We still need your prayers and good thoughts.

Mira sent some flowers to me in the hospital today so I had to take a picture so everyone could see them. I was very proud to get them. She said she wanted to send them to me for everything I had done for her besides she only had one Mother LOL.

7-8-09 from Mira 002
Love to you all. Helen

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mira is home

Or maybe I should say Mira is here. Her home is in another place. She will stay here for a few days. A really good friend went to the hospital and got her yesterday and brought here here. It was late when they turned her loose and it was close to midnight by the time they got her meds filled on the way home, got here and we got into bed. She is still having some of the A-fib but they put her on medication so hopefully when she gets settled in it will get better. She is still having to use a walker to walk short places and her back is still giving her trouble. She will be on some antibiotics for two more weeks. This one will be so much shorter time than the other one was. Thank you so much for your comments, Prayers and good thoughts.
Cardinal sunning. I took this one this morning through the storm door.

Cardinal sunning - 7-2-09

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen