Sunday, November 30, 2008

Myself, family, and a long time friend

Hi everybody, yes Ken and I did have a good thanksgiving here at home, just the two of us and our pups. Not the traditional TG dinner but one we cooked up together. My two children couldn't make it because of bad back problems. My daughter has been in bed most of this past week although she saw a doc and got a torodol shot and some meds the first of last week, she is still not better, still in severe pain. Today she will see her chiropractor to gets xrays made and start some adjustments started if the doc thinks she should. That doc has been out of town but told my daughter to call first thing on Mon. to let her check her schedule. I am sure she will work her in. She will miss work today and I don't know how many days she will be out. My son has been trying to work and comes home from work and goes straight to bed.

I have an online friend of many years who has been in the hospital for around a month who has had a stroke and is doing therapy, hoping to come home soon. He is 88 years old. He needs some good thoughts and prayers sent up for him as well as my children and myself do also. I will get to myself in a minute down below. My friends name is Sam and goes by Gravydogg55 on AOL. (Here is his blog) I have been so worried by not seeing him post lately and have sent some emails to him asking about his health. I got an answer from his daughter as to what has been going on and she also posted it for him in his blog. Please call around with some encouragement for him if you get a chance. Your comments will not show up until he reads it and allows them to show. Jeannette also posted about him in our support blog. Thanks Jeannette.
Now on to me. I am still not doing well at all. Still in a lot of pain and not able to sit but a few minutes at a time. Ken is still doing most everything here. (He is such a good person. He even went to the grocery store and got my daughter a bunch of groceries because she was out of food and could not go to get groceries and then he took it to her which is 1 and1/2 hours away driving in the rain most of the way.)I called my Doc's office last week that did this last surgery and they are going to get another MRI set up to try to find out what has happened. I am waiting to hear from the MRI place here that will get that set up. Then I will take the xrays back to see him when he comes to our town. To tell the truth I am looking for more surgery to have to be done. A bone may have chipped off and slipped down. We just won't know until the MRI gets done then I see the Doc. again. So all you people can see why I am still asking for good thoughts and prayers.
I am so sorry that I haven't been around to visit with many of you and leave mostly short comments when I do get a chance to visit.
Thanks for all your visits and comments plus all those good thoughts and prayers you have been sending our way. We appreciate it very much.
Much love to you all. I will post again when when I find out something. Maybe one day I can post about something good.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, may it be a blessed one!

Give Thanks
I Hope each and Every one of you along with all your loved one's and friends have a very Happy Thanksgiving. May God's blessings be with all of you.
Love you all. Helen

Thanksgiving candle
Graphics by Sugar, Thanks Sugar, I hope you have a great Day!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Helping Dad of "Dad's tomato Garden"

Hi everyone, Dad (Ray White)from "Dad's Tomato Garden" has lost his blog. In the meantime here is a temporary blog he started and will be using until blogspot can help him find his blog. Here is his email to me and I was glad to help anyway I can.

Help please! To our dismay Mary and I cannot find my Blog! The page that comes up says that it has been deleted, but we know we didn't delete it! We contacted Blogspot and they are working on getting it restored. In the meantime, would you please make a note in your journal November 21 and let people know where I am for now. This will be the link to another Journal I started but didn't keep working on. Here is the link for it. I will make an entry there in the morning, and until my real Blog is restored.
Thank you so much for helping me out.

Dad's Tomato Journal

Dad's Tomato Garden Web Page

Dad's Memoirs Web Page

Dad's Fried Green Tomatoes Web Page

Dad's Songbirds and Roses Web Page

Snow Flakes and Dear Ones

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Good morning everybody. Yesterday was a better day for me. I layed in the backseat of the car and went with Ken to get our two dogs their shots updated. I got so sorry for them. There were so happy to get to go ride then was so disappointed when they saw where they were. Daisy went to their glass door and kept whining to get out. Ken had to pull her away from it. We didn't have to sit but around 5 minutes before they called us in. Patches pulled back on her lease so the technician had to pick her up and carry her to the weighing machine, She weighed a little over 13 lbs but Daisy has made a chubby girl. She went over 19 lbs. She is shorter so that makes her a really chubby girl. Anyway it was great to get out for a while and I did really good.
The above picture is close to our house. Ken went to Walmarts the other day, came home and really wanted me to see the mirrow finish on the lake so I crawled in the car for a few minutes and went with him and got a couple of pictures. This lake never has any pretty leaves around it because most of them are pine trees. I still haven't had a chance to get any pretty pictures and it is supposed to rain the next two day and will probably knock off all the pretty leaves. I am trying to find a good color of font that can be used on this background so bear with me please.
Have a blessed day everyone.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Good morning everybody, sorry about not making an entry lately or leaving any comments in blogs. I have had a bad setback with this back. It seems to be some better this morning so I thought I would try sitting a few minutes to make an entry. The Doc said I had either tried to fast to get well or another bone had chipped off and fallen down in my back. I hope it is not the latter one.

I haven't had a chance to get out and take any fall pictures but took a couple through the storm door to across the street.

I hope everyone is doing fine.

Have a blessed day. Helen