Monday, October 26, 2009

Butterflies bout gone

Male Monarch 10-20-09 
Click for larger view

9-224-09 007

10-25-09 003

This one could hardly keep it's balance, It's wings were

continuously fluttering. I almost didn't get a still picture,

This is the way I feel, about gone. 

Have a blessed afternoon everyone, Helen

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ken eye doc visit and Eastern Bluebird pictures

Hi All, Yesterday Ken went to his eye doc expecting to get tested for a set of new eye glasses, well that was not to be the case. The doc found some hemorrhaging in back of his left eye that he has already had five surgeries on. So he set him up with an appointment with a Retina Doc the 13th of November in another City. I hope they can take care of it with laser treatment. We shall have to wait an see.

Early yesterday morning I looked out the storm door and heard and saw the pair of Eastern Bluebirds making a fuss and trying to scare something out of their box. Their soft fussing wouldn't scare a bee off. They were diving at the box and peeking in the door. I couldn't see what it was but grabbed my camera not realizing the flash was on. It blurred against the glass making the picture look foggy. I didn't see what was in the box until later when I looked at the pictures. I was focusing on the Bluebirds LOL. I quickly turned the flash off. It had already scared the female off so I grabbed a shot of the male.These birds over winter in the old nesting material in the box.They also raise two nestlings of babies in that old box in the spring and summer.

 Eastern Bluebird 10-19-09 001

Eastern Bluebirds10-19-09 004

Have a blessed day today. May the sun shine brightly where ever you live and may you see a beautiful Bluebird to brighten your day. Helen

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanks and It's colder this morning

Good morning all,  First of all I would like to thank everyone for your visit to Sara's Blog. I know she appreciated each visit, each prayer and every word of encouragement that you sent up and left for her and her family.

It is a lot colder here this morning. For the first time this fall I turned on a little heat last night. It has been coming on a good bit all night and this morning. It was only 46ยบ outside but with it being cloudy and the wind blowing it seemed much colder. It's going to be colder than that tonight. We will probably see our first frost of the season tomorrow morning. The leaves haven't even changed but a little so it looks like the colder weather may keep them from turning much. We shall see. I wanted to get out for a while to get some pictures if they ever turn. 
Mira went to her back doc here Wednesday and he was pleased at how she was doing but her back still hurts a good bit. He wants her to have another MRI in Jan. then see him a few days after that. This is the longest drive she has made since her surgery and the ordeal she went through. The long trip effected her hip and leg a lot. She is in a good deal of pain this morning.

I have been having some eye trouble the last couple of months with the pressure running high. My eye doc thinks it is the beginning of glaucoma. He has been running all kinds of test but still not 100% sure. The pressure has come down a good bit because he has me on eye drops. I see him again in Dec.

Well news is running short for a stay at home person. 

Here are some flowers from a neighbor's back yard two doors down. I just used my regular zoom on this. I am sorry to say he is no longer living now. He passed on this summer. He worked in his yard about all the time until he got in such bad shape and I miss seeing him out there.
The red building was his work shop. He built all kinds of things including the gazebo on the left. He also built the patio and steps and railings to his shop.

10-11-09 004

This is a couple of flowers from across the fence in our neighbors yard on the other side. The Gold one is an Angel Trumpet that was full of trumpets about two weeks ago but I missed getting a picture of that. I have no idea what the pink one is. Some type of fall Azalea I think. All the flowers around here are about gone now.

 Angel Trumpet-10-16-09 006

10-16-09 004

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Prayers for Sara and her family

Hello everybody. I wanted to ask for prayers for Sara and her family who lost her Brother In Law over the weekend. I have been reading her blog for several months and have enjoyed watching her train her two Sheltie dogs Misty and Oreo. Misty is an older dog of hers that she has trained a good bit lately and Oreo is her younger dog who she is training who is so smart. He has won several Blue Ribbons doing the things Sara has trained him to do. Both of them are beautiful dogs and Sara is a wonderful person who is a school teacher. If you will please go by her blog and leave some words of encouragement for the family. Click here >> Here is Sara's blog .

Several of my readers have mentioned Ken in my last entry. He is feeling much better. Thank you for your kind words.
We both went to get groceries this morning, one headed in one direction and one in the another. It worked out pretty good. I tell you that if a person didn't have to eat, money would go much farther LOL.

This picture is a Butterfly Ginger Plant. It smells just like a Gardenia and blooms in the late summer and fall.
Wish I could put the scent right on this blog for your enjoyment.
8-18-09 004

Have a blessed day everyone and thanks again for your prayers and support for my family and me. Now I am off to lay down with an ice pack for this back.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ken and more butterflies

Good Morning everybody,
Ken has been under the weather this week but feeling better this morning. Allergies I believe. He went to the doc Tuesday and they ran some test. No flu but he had some good indications of it but thankfully it was not.
It has turned much cooler here this week.
Daisy Mae and Patches are all curled up each morning because it is cooler.
I am trying not to turn the heat on yet. The butterflies are out in the afternoons when it gets warmer.

 Painted Lady 9-24-09
Under wings of the Painted Lady.

 Clouded sulphur butterfly 9-24-09
Clouded Sulphur

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen