Friday, February 10, 2012

Feeling better

Just a few words to say I am feeling much better. Went to the neurosurgeon on Wed and he was well pleased. In fact he said for me to call them in a couple of months to let them know how I was doing. My back still hurts some but so far it's not unbearable.  I take an Aleve each morning and a couple of Tylenol a day to cope with the pain I do have. I have been taking some slow shorts walks and it does seem to help. I use my trekking pole to help me with support. I am hoping when the weather gets warmer I will be able by then to do some geocaching with Ken. We both are getting tired of being cooped up in the house so long. It has been a month on the 9th of this month since my surgery.
Ken has been having some problems with some of his blood veins rupturing and causing big lumps which will eventually go down but leaves the places black and blue. This is caused by the Plavix the surgeon has him on. He had to see a different doc but he wouldn't take him off of it because he would be going against what his regular surgeon told him to do. He put him on a surgical support hose.Thing is his doc is out for a few weeks because his wife is having health problems. I am thinking he just needs to be on a different blood thinner.( like I am a doctor LOL)

Thanks for all your emails along with your prayers and good wishes.
Have a blessed weekend everyone.