Thursday, August 27, 2009

This and that

Thought I would play catch up and make an entry today.
Mira is doing much better but is still working half days at least through this week. Thank the Good Lord. Prayers are being answered. Thank you all.

I have been feeling much more rested but still having back problems.

Monday Ken took me to the eye Doc where we spent three hours with all kinds of tests being run. They did find I had the beginning of glaucoma on one eye which I was sorry to hear. The pressure in that eye had been to high for too long even with me using drops at times to keep the pressure down. He put me on some more to see if I can tolerate them. If so them I will stay on them. He also removed the film or scar that forms on the eye after cataract removal with laser. I was seeing through what looked to be a fog. I was continually wiping my reading glasses thinking they had a film on them and wiping that eye to clear the vision. I am seeing some floaters this week after the laser was done which is annoying. Makes me think a mosquito is flying in front of my face. I have swatted my hand at it several times LOL. I go back next Monday and let him check it and if everything is ok, if so then he will schedule Cataract surgery soon on the other eye. Things are beginning to look dim through it. I wanted to get it fixed before the end of the year when insurances will probably change and it might not be covered.
Ken's macular degeneration is gradually getting worse.
Well I better get off here as a big clap of thunder just happened right overhead.
Have a blessed day everybody. Helen

8-5-09 006

The body on this one didn't focus good but you can see the hairs on it's legs and the web on the flower.
8-5-09 016

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Slowly but surely

Well Mira is in her second week at school. Three days last week she worked half days and two days she had to stay all day but so far this week she is working half days. Someone drove her most of last week but last Friday and since then she is driving herself. It has been really rough on her but she is still wearing her back brace and using the PVC pipe pole Ken made for her. It helps her to sit down and get back up and to walk also. Gives her some stability. She is not using her walker now. She will restart her pool therapy Friday after school. Her friends have been going and getting groceries for her.
She still needs all the prayers anyone can send up for her.

I have been taking it easy since she had been gone but my body is still tired even though I am taking the iron tablets and B12 shots. I still stay tired when actually I am not doing much of anything but getting us small meals and very little housework.

Ken is trying to keep the grass cut which grows so fast it actually needs cutting twice a week. It's been really hot but it's supposed to cool down a little this week. He got too hot one day. He is only able to cut a few rounds at a time. His eyes are gradually getting worse. I just thank God he was able to see to get Mira to and from the hospital and doctors when she had to make those trips to Birmingham.

Today we go back to our regular family doc for a checkup.
Thank you all again for your many prayers, good positive comments and good thoughts for all of us.
Ken has been taking a lot of pears off to the dumpster because there are so many falling.

 Bartlett Pears 8-8-09

Another wildflower which I don't know the name of.
8-5-09 unknown

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gone back home

Well Ken took Mira back to her surgeon Thursday and he gave the ok that she could work half days for two weeks and then get in touch with in at the end of that time to see if she would be able to work full time. Her school ok-ed for her to do that which I was glad of. She went back home last night. One of her teacher friends and her hubby came over and got her. She had not been home since the 2nd day of May I believe it was. She says she has been laying around today and taking it easy. I just pray that she will be able to hold out at school. Sitting and standing is still hard for her to do.
All those prayers, and good thoughts and words of encouragement has really helped her out. Thank you all so much.
I have just been taking it easy today. Trying to rest this old back of mine.
Ken has been cleaning house some today. It really needed it.
Have a blessed afternoon everyone.
Here are a couple of pretties for you.

8-1-09 <span class=

8-1-09 Portulaka 004