Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Well this Christmas is a rough one for me or us. I ending up having to have another MRI which was rough also. Then this week I got a call from one of the doctors. Result is, I have another ruptured disk. Another surgery will have to be done. This will make the fourth one.
I go to see the orthopedic doctor next Wednesday to get things set up for it. 
I am still using my walker to get around. 

Hopefully in a few days I will be feeling better.
Thanks for all the prayers you all have sent up in my behalf. 
You all are great folks.

Merry Christmas to everyone and if I am not back online by New Year. Have a great New Year. May everyone have a blessed one.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MRI yesterday

 It was really rough . One foot and leg was leaning outward and I wasn't allowed to move a muscle or they would have had to start over, plus it felt like that hip was pushing through the flesh. When they rolled me back far enough to put the contrast stuff in the IV I told him about the foot and leg and he pulled the foot over and buckled it to the other foot.
Then when I finished I couldn't get up. The technician ran and got the other man and they both pulled me up. Around 45 minutes in that thing.  One told the other one that he could feel my body jerking as they were pulling me up. It was hard to start back walking even with my walker. Next Monday is doc day.
Today has been a rough day,
Thanks for your prayers, 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Back troubles again

Good morning everyone. Once again it's been a while since I have made an entry. Seems as if all my entries for a good while have been health related.
Well Ken has been doing great after his last surgery. Been waiting on me a lot.

 I will have an MRI done here next Monday on my back then see a Doc on the 12th here. He will report his findings to the other doc that did my last back surgery 3 years ago. It is just a wait and see thing now. They are neurosurgeons. If they can't fix it then I will ask for a orthopedic doc referral. I would have to go to Birmingham  AL for any kind of surgery.
I have been down in my back and using a walker since the 28th of Sept. 2011, two days after Ken came home from his last surgery. I would certainly appreciate prayers and good thoughts and thank you. 

Have a blessed weekend.