Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Butterflies and flood victims

Will everyone please remember the 10 victims of the floods in GA and AL and their families in prayer. Schools are still closed in many places on account of flooding inside the schools and the water supply is not sanitary.
My daughter went in this morning to get some of her work caught up with and she says the whole school stinks. When she walked down the hall past the bathrooms she gagged on account of the smell. Some of the rooms have water spots in them which stink. One school has had water 12 inches deep for 72 hours and lots of homes have standing water in them. She is safe in her home.
Now on to better things, Here is a video of a Buckeye Butterfly on a flower.

Buckeye Butterfly9-22-09 007
Click on for a larger view.

Gulf Fritillary

9-22-09 024

Have a blessed day everyone. Count your blessings each day. Helen

Monday, September 21, 2009

Having a little fun Sunday

Ken has caught two more possums since my last entry. He and both dog have gone this morning relocating one. He takes them about 10 or more miles away to some woods to let them go. No, he will not let the dogs out. Patches especially would try chasing it.

It is going to be a rainy day here which it has been doing this weekend. Some schools are closed here today and where Mira works in GA also because of flooding.

Have a blessed day everyone. Helen

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doctors, dogs and other things LOL

Hello everybody, I went back to the eye Doc Monday and the pressure is down ten points in the eye that he did laser on from what it was two weeks earlier. He wants to wait a while to do the cataract surgery in the other eye. I go back in three months for another pressure check but meanwhile I have to stay on the drops twice a day to keep the pressure down.
It has been thundering around today but only a sprinkle of rain here so far. There were tornado warnings out about midway of the state. I hope no bad weather comes through here. We live on the NE side of it.

We went to Walmarts this morning to get a few things and when I went back to the car Ken took the buggy and put it back in place. When we got home my purse was nowhere to be found. He took off back to Walmarts and someone had turned it in to the desk. I had left it in the buggy. It was hard to believe no one had bothered anything in it.

I saw Patches all curled up asleep on the back of the couch asleep this morning so I got my camera but she keeps an eye on that camera and had already stretched out some when I came back. She likes to get on back of the couch so that is why the old sheet stays there.
9-16-09 Patches

The neighbors have been seeing an Opossum on their porch where they keep their dogs food out. She wanted Ken to see if he could catch it so here it is. He relocated it close to some woods. It was hard to get a picture of it because when I got where I could see it's face it would turn around and hide it's face. He will reset the trap and see if he catches anymore.

9-16-09 Opossum

Have a blessed afternoon everyone. Helen

Monday, September 7, 2009

Went to see Mira Yesterday, Sunday

Good morning everybody, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.
Yesterday Ken and I and the two dogs made a trip over to see Mira. We we glad to see her and the dogs had such a fit over getting to see her.
I should have taken my camera but didn't.
We took lunch over and shared it with her then left some leftovers for another meal for her. We did a few things for her that she still can't do as she still can't bend over to do them. She is doing so much better though and is walking almost back to normal. Her back is straightened out a lot from one hip being higher than the other one. She still has some pain when she overdoes things and she still can't sit and drive very far. She is still wearing her brace and uses the pole Ken made her for walking especially at school where she has long hallways to have to walk. She worked full time last week but I know this weekend was a blessing for her to rest some.
Everyone have a blessed and safe Labor Day and next week.

Here are a couple of pictures not from yesterday though. I made one a few months back and the other one Saturday. Helen

9-7-09 002

6-9-08 003