Sunday, November 30, 2008

Myself, family, and a long time friend

Hi everybody, yes Ken and I did have a good thanksgiving here at home, just the two of us and our pups. Not the traditional TG dinner but one we cooked up together. My two children couldn't make it because of bad back problems. My daughter has been in bed most of this past week although she saw a doc and got a torodol shot and some meds the first of last week, she is still not better, still in severe pain. Today she will see her chiropractor to gets xrays made and start some adjustments started if the doc thinks she should. That doc has been out of town but told my daughter to call first thing on Mon. to let her check her schedule. I am sure she will work her in. She will miss work today and I don't know how many days she will be out. My son has been trying to work and comes home from work and goes straight to bed.

I have an online friend of many years who has been in the hospital for around a month who has had a stroke and is doing therapy, hoping to come home soon. He is 88 years old. He needs some good thoughts and prayers sent up for him as well as my children and myself do also. I will get to myself in a minute down below. My friends name is Sam and goes by Gravydogg55 on AOL. (Here is his blog) I have been so worried by not seeing him post lately and have sent some emails to him asking about his health. I got an answer from his daughter as to what has been going on and she also posted it for him in his blog. Please call around with some encouragement for him if you get a chance. Your comments will not show up until he reads it and allows them to show. Jeannette also posted about him in our support blog. Thanks Jeannette.
Now on to me. I am still not doing well at all. Still in a lot of pain and not able to sit but a few minutes at a time. Ken is still doing most everything here. (He is such a good person. He even went to the grocery store and got my daughter a bunch of groceries because she was out of food and could not go to get groceries and then he took it to her which is 1 and1/2 hours away driving in the rain most of the way.)I called my Doc's office last week that did this last surgery and they are going to get another MRI set up to try to find out what has happened. I am waiting to hear from the MRI place here that will get that set up. Then I will take the xrays back to see him when he comes to our town. To tell the truth I am looking for more surgery to have to be done. A bone may have chipped off and slipped down. We just won't know until the MRI gets done then I see the Doc. again. So all you people can see why I am still asking for good thoughts and prayers.
I am so sorry that I haven't been around to visit with many of you and leave mostly short comments when I do get a chance to visit.
Thanks for all your visits and comments plus all those good thoughts and prayers you have been sending our way. We appreciate it very much.
Much love to you all. I will post again when when I find out something. Maybe one day I can post about something good.


  1. Nice to see a post, I'm so sorry your son and daughter are suffering with back problems too. I hope you can all get sorted out. I know what it's like, I was off sick for seven years with my back, it's so hard to get comfortable. I visited Sam yesterday, poor man, I do hope he gets better and returns home. My continued prayers go to you all; thank God you have Ken, your own angel, to take care of you all. Jeannette xx

  2. It is always helpful to put our own problems in perspective ... knowing that others cope, too. Often, I see others' problems & think that I'll stick with mine, Thank you.
    Like the Bible verse about the fellow with no shoes who saw a man with no feet.

  3. Hi Helen..sorry you are still in pain..but happy to get your blog..and to know the news of how you and Ken are these days...and sorry the children are not doing so well..and happy that you had a good Thanksgiving Day...doesn't take a big turkey and fixins to enjoy does it??? Keep us are special...I miss all the beautiful pictures you had in your journal..but it is something to look forward to when weather is better!!! God Bless you both...hugs Ora in KY

  4. I also saw where Sams daughter posted. I hope he can get back home soon and be well. I am sorry to hear things are not improving with your back since the surgery. Hopefully the MRI will reveal much and the doctor can get to work on what needs to be done to give you the relief you have been needing for so long now. I hope your daughter can get herself well also. Good thoughts and prayers sent y'alls way. Don't worry about making rounds to journals, you just take care of yourself and do the best you can til you can get in and see the doctor and get fixed up. There will be time for journals when you are feeling better. XXX love,Kelly

  5. Sorry to hear your family and yourself are not doing well! Will keep you and yours in prayer today. God Bless.

  6. Hi Helen, was just Stu and I and our pups for Turkey Day too. Kinda nice actually!
    Sorry there's so much pain and sickness around you. Prayers going around for all!



  8. Wow, bless Ken's heart. He's sure been keeping everything together. I know they are going to find out what's up with you and get it fixed PRONTO!

    In the meantime, no need to apologize. You must take care of yourself. We'll all be here and we'll leave the light on for you.

    I read that about Sam. I was wondering what happened.


  9. Sorry it is still so painful for you. I think it took me a long time to feel better after my back surgery. I was hoping yours would be a quicker recovery. I went to your friends blog and left a note. Take care and feel better.

  10. I am glad that you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Shame that the family could not make it. Hope your daughter gets her back problem sorted out and that you do as well. Strange, I am crippled with back pain today. Hope it gets now worse and confines me to my bed. I have my diabetic check coming up and cannot afford lack of exercise.
    I was happy to post for Sam. Hope he makes a full recovery.

  11. i had so hoped you were improving. i have been praying for you and will continue to do so. hopefully, the mri will show something that can be fixed easily.

  12. My thoughts and prayers will go up for relief and comfort to find it's way to you and yours soon. Nice to see a post coming from you. Take care and enjoy,

  13. Many prayers going up for all you and your kids and your dear friend. Ken is one awesome guy...he has helped and I know your daughter truly appreciates it. Wishing your son the best too...has to be rough to work all day, and then have to go straight to bed. Hope all works out for your daughter to get that extra treatment...and she can return to work. You need that MRI to be done soon...and to get the surgery if need be. Again...prayers going up...and you take it one day at a to all,

  14. Glad you and Ken had a nice Thanksgiving. Sometimes, a simple meal together without all the hassles can be nice. Hope you all feel better soon, and prayers for Sam.

  15. Prayers and blessings for a speedy recovery...enough is enough, right?

  16. Oh, Helen! I'm so sorry to hear about the back issues. I had so hoped all would be so much better now for you. Hopefully, the MRI will show a minor thing, and it will be fixed easily. Hang in there.

  17. Hoping everyone feels better and soon. Sending good vibes

  18. It's very upsetting knowing that after all you went through that you may have to go thru it yet again. Of course as we know, whatever WORKS is worth it, but, like you I had hoped you'd have better luck than I do and that it would be ok the first time. I hope you get the mri soon and things begin to look up Helen. You are in my thought more than you know.

  19. Helen, I'm so sorry to hear you're still having such pain. I hope you will get good news from your MRI.

    I'm glad you and Ken had a good Thanksgiving, and he's a real peach for helping you out so much!

    Hugs, Beth

  20. Goodness, Helen, I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems again plus your poor children. Back problems are terrible to deal with and live with. I will certainly keep all of you in my prayers. Take care of yourself an don't worry about getting around visiting. HUGS