Saturday, January 10, 2009

Acted stupid and now in terrific pain

Hi everybody, It has been a mostly rainy day here today. I acted stupid Thursday morning and reached up with both arms to get the bird identifying book off my tall china cabinet where I keep it and pulled my back something fierce. I have been in severe pain ever since. Just can't sit at all. I did go to the urgent care clinic yesterday and got a torodol shot and it is helping some today. Using my ice pack every hour though and staying off my feet. I didn't read but a couple of blogs yesterday or this morning.
Ken called me out to see the moon last night and I took a couple pictures of it(picture above)then had to hit the bed with the ice pack. I just now stepped outside a few steps and took a couple of pictures of the narcissus that are blooming.
Ken is so good about doing things for me. I can't stand on my feet to do hardly anything
. He is doing most everything right now. I certainly appreciate it.

Narcissus 002

Narcissus 001

I am sorry that I haven't been updating my blog more often or commenting in others but this back is still driving me crazy. Also I hate for every entry I do to be negative. Maybe one day I will feel like doing better. Now I am off to use the ice pack again.
Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen


  1. Sorry you strained your back again. Nice pictures.

  2. Hello Miss Helen,

    So sorry to hear about your back! It's been rainy here also! We had that funeral today so been kinda blah! day. When I saw that moon last night and read where it going to be the largest for 2009 and I oh! we are going to miss it with the cloud cover! I also thought about the picture that you recently took! Love the pictures of the flowers beautiful.

    God Bless


  3. Wow, what wonderful photographs! I saw the moon out early this morning, but it was only 7 degrees out here. There was no way I was going out to take photos.

    Hope your feeling better...

  4. I do hope you get some relief soon.
    Jenny <><

  5. Frustrating not to be able to do everything for yourself. Hope the back eases off soon. Take care and BLog when yu can.

  6. Sorry Helen but sometimes an old impulse gets the better of us. But I hate to see you pay such a price. I would not worry about us but just getting better. I know that healing from such is going to take time. I see you still have the old eye when it comes to a photo and you will again. Gerry

  7. I'm sorry to hear you're in so much pain Helen. I know that any little movement can bring it on. The shots of the moon and flowers are so beautiful. I saw that moon too when I left work early on Saturday morning, it was quite mesmerising! Take care, I'm so glad that Ken is able to care for you so well. Jeannette xx

  8. Sorry you pulled your back. These things are so easily done, we tend to forget and act without thinking. Hope you feel better soon. Beautiful photos as always. Your Ken is like my Mike, he does so much for me. We are truly blessed.

  9. The pictures are just lovely and Ken is such a sweetheart!

    I hate that you are down in the back again. Darn it!!!

    But, no need to ever apologize. I'll be here with the light on for you.

    Feel better, my friend

    Hugs and love,


  10. I pray your back starts to feeling better with the shot, rest and ice pack. Cold and going to get colder here midweek. Pretty moon shot and flowers are beautiful...hugs and love...

  11. Helen,
    I wouldn't say it was were just trying to live your life normally. So sorry you got so hurt.
    Thank goodness for ken!


  12. I am sorry about your back. It doesn't take much to put it out does it. Love the pictures.

  13. It would be great if there could be a simple, practical procedure for a person to work at the computer while on the sofa or in bed ....

  14. Hope your backpain goes soon, Helen. Great images!

  15. Dear Helen! I hope your back pain becomes better each day, I do know what that is like! Aren't we blessed to have helpful kind husbands? Take care.

  16. aww Helen...sorry the back is sore again..and yes...we forget sometimes what is hurting us cause we want to feel ok right just take it easy..and let the healing begin again!! and thanks for the pic of the Moon..we have had cloudy overcast skies for days now and rain...glad to know it is still out as for the sun??? LOL..God Bless you...and Ken too....hugs...Ora

  17. Hope you will have a speedy recovery. With all that pain, you managed to get such a beautiful and detailed picture of the full moon... something a healthy person like me have not been able to do properly with many attempts. When you're good, you're good.

    Rest easy and recover soon. Take care.

  18. hi Helen, your moon photo is gorgeous, we hardly ever get to see the moon here in Michigan, too much cloud cover---- and it matched the narcissus! Don't blame yourself for your injury, you don't really have to do anything for your back to act up, hope you feel better soon.

  19. I love La Luna pic!!

    Please just worry about getting yourself better--not about us! I'm sorry that you tweaked your back again, and it sounds very painful. Take it easy and go from here.

    Hugs, Beth

  20. So sorry that you hurt your back. :( Will keep you in my prayers. Those are beautiful photos of the flowers. Sure hope you feel better soon. Blessings, Janie

  21. Really sorry to hear this Helen. Has the surgeon that did your back say anything about why it seems worse instead of better??

  22. Oh dear Helen, It must really hurt. I can understand how easily it is too forget that that you mustn`t do things like that. I did something similar after a major operation years ago and I paid the price for it. I hope you feel much better soon. :o)

    Love and ((Hugs))

    Sandra xxxx

  23. The pics are great! Hope your back starts feeling better.


  24. My left shoulder cramps up and gets very painful so I am reaching around as far as I can and trying to work out the tense muscles. Some day I would like to get the least expensive whirlpool bath tub when my addition is finished. The moon detail is as clear as any professional photos I've seen. My maple trees were full of buds before the 0 degree temps. It is the late spring freezes that elimate the entire fruit crop, so your pear will have little loss. I enjoyed the story about Daisy helping with the laundry. It was good to read an email from Sam that he is back home with a walker, and out of the hospital. mark

  25. As far as I know I haven't seen Narcissus, since I was a kid in Kansas and it bloomed in our backyard. Beautiful photos.