Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on my daughter and Mother's Day flowers

Thanks again for all your good thoughts and prayers. We still need them.

Where to start? I suppose it all started when Mira got home from the hospital. She didn't do good from when she first came home on on the 7th of May, She was in a lot of pain and got where she couldn't get off the bed or to walk without help or almost screaming with pain plus she was running a temp so this past Monday night the 12th she got a friend to take her back to the hospital emergency room where the surgery was done. First they did an MRI and couldn't see anything and was going to do a nerve block but cancelled that because her blood work showed up an infection so off they went to do a Base Disk Biopsy on Wed.
Mira's doc didn't know exactly what to make of that culture that was taken Wed. so he called in a specialist in that field to have a look at it Friday morning then he came and talked to Mira. He said everyone carried a certain type of staph on their skin but her's happened to get into the incision and had it very irritated. It is not the really dangerous kind like Ken had so bad that he caught from someone when he was in the hospital last year but it was from her own skin cells and that is a good thing. She will have to take antibiotics intravenous for 6 weeks. She will stay in the hospital until she is a lot better and have to take them at home when she leaves. I have no idea how they will arrange all that. I think a home health nurse will come to her home to do that.
They put one of those deep vein IV's that ran from just above her elbow up her arm and on close to her heart to put the antibiotics in. She said that was very painful and took them 2 hours to do it. They had a hard time getting it in.

Ken has gone over to check on her early this morning and taking her another phone. Someone stole hers Thursday out of her room when she went for more tests. One of the nurses found her wallet outside her door on a cart. Everything was in it. Mira thinks someone had both and had probably almost got caught so put the wallet on that cart. They probably had already slipped the phone in their pocket. One of the nurses let Mira use her cell long enough for her to call us so I have been calling the hospital phone to check on her since then. Ken called the cell company and had her phone disconnected as soon as we found out. I then went and got her another phone and Ken activated it Friday morning and got her the same number. They gave her back the minutes she had on the other phone.

Now on to Mother's Day. Mira was already here and my son and DIL came. Ken's son Kevin was here. We all had a good lunch. My son and DIL brought me a hanging basket of some kind of flowers I am not familiar with but sort of look like my monkey faces but are not. The also gave me a card and some $$$.
Here are two pictures of them.

M-Day 15-10 09 2

M-Day5-15-09 1
Click on pic to get a better view of it

Maybe one day I will have some good news to report. It seems like all I have done lately is make post that are not so good.

Have a blessed day and weekend everyone. Helen


  1. Oh I am so sorry she has had more complications. What a worry. I hope she gets healed up quickly. Love the flowers.

  2. I'm so sorry about your daughter. I'll keep praying. I hate that they stole her phone. Keep us posted.

    I love the flower. It's gorgeous!

  3. Praying for your daughter's speedy recovery....
    Are the flowers blue or purple??


  4. My thoughts are with Mira and you. Hoping that she will recover soon and less pain. Hoping that she stays strong to through this since she has a wonderful family to support and love her.


  5. As you know I have sent up prayers daily for Mira..praying that she get better and the treatment begins to work. The flowers are just beautiful...the colors are awesome...
    I hope the weekend is quiet and peaceful for you...and that each day, Mira is on the road to getting better. Hugs and love...

  6. I will keep her in my prayers...what beautiful flowers...the color is outstanding.

  7. Poor Mira Helen, I'm praying she'll soon get over the infection and start healing. What sort of person would steal from a sick patient? That's an awful thing to do. The flowers are gorgeous, I've seen them before but can't recall the name! Sorry I've not been around, had to have a new hard drive installed. Take care. Jeannette xx

  8. Your daughter has been through quite a lot. I will keep her in my prayers. Your hanging basket is beautiful!! You and Ken take care of yourselves too. Have a great weekend.

  9. Wow Mira has been through it. She is in our prayers. We do hope you are doing better though. I love the blue bird at the top and the flowers are beautiful.
    Take care, and YES there is a rainbow, and the sun will shine, life will be very good again.
    Jack & Sherry

  10. Helen, I'm so sorry to hear of Mira's situation! I hope she will heal quickly and feel better soon! I pray God will touch and heal her body! And on top of that, for someone to steal from her at the hospital! It takes all kinds and that person will get caught someday! I love the flowers, those are gorgeous! What a lovely gift!

  11. Your daughter is really having a string of bad luck, but thank goodness the infection is not that worst kind. I heard a report on MRRSA on the George Noory show that scared me so bad I haven't listened to him since. People in here have gotten that, and one woman eventually died from it. The flower photos are beautiful as usual. I know you are worrying. Will be thinking of you and your daughter Mira. Gerry

  12. I hate that Mira has had such a setback, but I pray she will heal from it soon. That is pretty low of someone to steal from someone else especially in the hospital...I hope you are feeling better too. Take care, Sheila

  13. Dear Helen, We are so sorry that your daughter has had to go through so much illness, pain, etc. Our hearts are with you and Ken, your daughter and all your family. From Dad and Mary

  14. Helen, I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter is now suffering from an infection, on top of all her other troubles. I had cash stolen out of my wallet at a hospital once. Luckily, that is all they took.

    This must be a very difficult time for you, as I'm sure you worry endlessly.

    I hope that Mira has reached the point now where things will start improving each day! Healing thoughts and wishes,


  16. A couple of things make me mad about this post. First, it just seems like the hospital could be a little more careful and cause less staph infections! Even if it is from her own skin, they should have been more careful with the incision area. Don't even get me started on what happened to Ken! Secondly, what kind of low-life goes into hospitals and steals from patients?
    Love the beautiful flowers!

  17. You know Helen, seems like if they had took extra precautions and made sure her skin was steril before surgery that staph wouldn't have been able to invade her incision. There are so many cases of staph now at hospitals it is scary...I don't believe they are doing their ebst at sterilizing things like they use to.
    I hope and pray she gets better real soon..That is so darn mean of someone stealing a sick person's phone right out of their hospiatl room. Bet it was an employee. I would talk to the hospiatl administrator about them being responsible.
    God bless,

  18. Thank you for stopping by.You like my header with the frog hanging.I was reading about your friend and the skin rash.Its getting worse.Doctors are not finding the cause to all these illnesses.I dont get it.Anyways you be strong and enjoy your upcoming week.Love the flowers deep purple.

  19. thanks for the update on Mira and sure hope this time healing works out well for her...and your blog is never a bad is good to know how our blog friends are doing..and Mira is certainly important to us all just now...and your hanging basket is beautiful...I love the color...and glad you had a nice Mother's Day...hugs to you...and Ken too....Ora in KY

  20. Helen,
    That poor girl really deserves a break...and so do you and Ken! My thoughts are always with you all.
    And gorgeous flowers indeed! Stu is hard at work trying to figure out what they are. I'll come back if he finds out!

  21. Sent you and email...we figured it out!

  22. Oh Helen, I was so hoping there would be some good news on your poor daughter. :o(. It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain as I know she has been in it for so long and needs some much deserved relief. Maybe this will be the last of it. I find it disgusting that someone would steal her cell phone!!!

    Such gorgeous shots of the flowers though. It is so nice to be around all of that loveliness when times are tough. It makes you stop and remember that life does go on and soon some of your worries will too. Take care and God bless

  23. Trouble comes in bunches or so it seems, Helen. I hope everything will work out for the best. That deep vein thing is a nightmare. I had something like that done to me the last time I was in the hospital and their "specialist" in finding and injecting stuff in deep veins couldn't find mine or do it. So I got poked so many times I convinced them to use my hand or my neck and quit sticking me. They finally did.

  24. Quick hello and keep your daughter in my prayers. Glad that you gave an update of your daughter. My goodness sounds like she was in a lot of pain. :( The flowers are beautiful. Isn't it terrible someone stealing her phone!! Ugh! Hope you are doing alright and will keep all of you in my prayers. Hugs & prayers, Janie

  25. Boy oh boy, I am so sorry Mira is having so many problems and so much pain. I hope she heals as quickly as is possible under these circumstances, but it doesn't sound like it will be easy for her, so know that she is in my prayers. As are you!

    I am glad you had a nice Mother's Day. I did also. Merry