Thursday, August 27, 2009

This and that

Thought I would play catch up and make an entry today.
Mira is doing much better but is still working half days at least through this week. Thank the Good Lord. Prayers are being answered. Thank you all.

I have been feeling much more rested but still having back problems.

Monday Ken took me to the eye Doc where we spent three hours with all kinds of tests being run. They did find I had the beginning of glaucoma on one eye which I was sorry to hear. The pressure in that eye had been to high for too long even with me using drops at times to keep the pressure down. He put me on some more to see if I can tolerate them. If so them I will stay on them. He also removed the film or scar that forms on the eye after cataract removal with laser. I was seeing through what looked to be a fog. I was continually wiping my reading glasses thinking they had a film on them and wiping that eye to clear the vision. I am seeing some floaters this week after the laser was done which is annoying. Makes me think a mosquito is flying in front of my face. I have swatted my hand at it several times LOL. I go back next Monday and let him check it and if everything is ok, if so then he will schedule Cataract surgery soon on the other eye. Things are beginning to look dim through it. I wanted to get it fixed before the end of the year when insurances will probably change and it might not be covered.
Ken's macular degeneration is gradually getting worse.
Well I better get off here as a big clap of thunder just happened right overhead.
Have a blessed day everybody. Helen

8-5-09 006

The body on this one didn't focus good but you can see the hairs on it's legs and the web on the flower.
8-5-09 016


  1. Cool shots, cool spider, this is the only way I like to see them, in a photo.

  2. Wonderful pictures in your entry today. I'm glad to hear your daughter is still doing well. Sorry to hear about your eyes and Kens too. I will face the cataract surgery some day as it has started in my eyes. You and yours are in my prayers.

  3. I'm so glad that Mira is still improving. I'll be praying for you & Ken. Great photos!

  4. Great, great photos Helen. I love the vivid colors, especially the one on the top of your blog with Patches (I think its Patches) under the flower.

    So happy to hear that Mira continues to improve. That is wonderful news.

    Sorry to hear about your eye troubles. Our eyes tend to be something we all take for granted, until we have a problem with them.

  5. I know Mira is glad she is able to work. Happy you can at least get some rest now or maybe its just try to. John's eyes give him fits most of the time. We've had to endure this heat more then most as he can't stand the ceiling fans and the a/c bothers him at times.

  6. Keeping you both in prayers that both your's and Ken's eyes will be fine. Hope Monday's visit goes well. The flowers are just beautiful...the close up awesome! I loved the header photo. Hope you all have a lovely weekend..hugs and love,

  7. Patty, my wife of 54 years, had one cataract removed yesterday. She said, already, she can see much better and she is also aware that they might have to eventually do the laser work on the eye. I think she will get the other one done later. Not sure when.

    A doctor Wilson, used to live here in town and sold a jug of liquid which was mostly vitamins and it was for Macular Degeneration. But I guess nothing really works although some who took it said they saw a difference. He is dead now and I suppose his stuff went with him as I am not able to find him or his vitamins on the Internet. Lots of Dr. Wilsons though, but not him.

  8. I am so glad Mira has bee able work some. I hope she doesn't hurry it to full time giving her more chance to heal. My BIL is having big trouble with leakage in his eye and must have an operation to save the sight in that eye. I have cataracts but still see as well as I ever did, so the doctor said to wait for surgery until I notice more effects than that. I gave up watching TV as I read too much both on the computer and books. My eyes are happy. Now I am doing more activities where I don't have to use my eyes, except of course to keep from falling down. I find it interesting and informative to read about your eye surgery etc. So I will know what to expect. Doc will probably put off his cataract surgery until he goes blind. He is the great procrastinator. In the old days people did go blind from them. Enjoyed your photos as usual

  9. So glad to hear your daughter is doing better...but sorry to hear of your continued health issues. You deserve to feel well!!!

    Love your shots....both excellent.


  10. I'm glad Mira is continuing to do well and that you are feeling more rested. I wish you didn't have to suffer with the back pain. I hope you are able to tolerate the new meds and they help you eye. Thanks for the prayers for my Dad and I will continue to keep all of you in mine. Sheila

  11. So very glad that Mira is better.

    I sympathize with your back and eye problems. I have both, also. I don't think I have the positive outlook you do. And I marvel at your ability to tolerate the pain you have.

    I have cataracts. As of last year they weren't ready for surgery. I also have a Macular Pucker on my left eye. This is diff. than Macular Degeneration(which my Mom, likeyour husband, had). It means the retina has a "wrinkle' on it. What I have could get worse. Last year it did not get worse. But it could. I go to the Opthamologist the middle of Sept. It's not a correctable condition, so glasses cannot help. Although I do wear glasses for presbyopia, and also for the astigmatism. I worry about knowing I can't see as I should, and that the same things will happen with my other eye. But I don't know that it will. I guess I think because my Mom had Macular Degeneration, I will get it too. That may not be true at all, but it could happen. I have fairly good distance vision, though. I hate glasses, I wore them as a child then not again until about age 40 when I needed bifocals. I also do have astigmatism. Now, of course, I can't see the end of my finger, so I can't wear contacts (I can't see close up so I can't put contacts in.) This sounds bad enough, doesn't it? But a month ago, I somehow pulled something in my arm, shoulder, and or neck. I had that pain since then....only now it's not so painful, but I have big time tingling in my arm when it is used a certain way or I try to put something on the second shelves of my kitchen. I am having a physical next week. I have a mammogram the day before. I am debating telling my doctor about the tingling as I don't want to get sent to the neurosurgeon. I had neck surgery 10 years ago and my neck pain became worse, and is still worse than my back pain. Also, my doctor does give me pain medication. I know my neurosurgeon won't be that generous. But I also know I have to do what I have to do and trust that God will look out for me. I feel so overwhelmed right now. (It never rains but it pours, right?) I don't think my problems are any worse or even as bad as some others. But I sure seem to have a time coping with this aging body. (I am 65.) Wore out before it's time. I don't sit around and not do things. I still do all the housework. I try to do more than what I probably should. I am sorry to get so long here, but I guess I just needed someone to talk to, and with the problems you and your family have (or had) I figured that you would understand. You are always in my prayers....don't forget that.

  12. its good to hear that your daughter is doing well.. and that you have finally gotten rested somewhat... sorry to hear about your eyes... I think we need a sign hanging in our homes saying "ain't the Golden Years Somethin'?!"

  13. hi helen. glad mira is doing better but sorry to read that you and ken are still having problems. i'll say a prayer for you, but isn't it encouraging to know that one day we'll be with our Savior and there will be no pain or illnesses or sadness??!! :) i love the shots of the butterfly and spider. i've not been out with my camera much this summer..but hoping for a good long outing soon. take care my friend.

  14. As always, you make amazing photos!

    Glad you got some answers and are doing better. Prayers for both you and Ken and your vision.


  16. Just popped back to thank you for the visit to my Pick a Peck of Pixels Blog and for your comment there about the squirrel. Pick a Peck of Pixels

  17. So glad to hear Mira is improving. Your photos are so gorgeous! Someone needs to get that bug a razor! ;-)

    Thanks for the birthday wishes this week! Have a wonderful weekend.

  18. ALBERTA Morning Helen,
    What absolutely beautiful creations of God...Flowers...
    Yes, those floaters can be annoying. Mine will not leave this time so I have to be careful of a detached retina.
    The hubby is developing once more we begin to feel some of the "rights of passage" into this world of seniors.
    The Lord will care for us all until He calls us home.

    Blessings to you and yours Helen,

    Love Lori


  20. I like the close up of the spider.