Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Butterflies and flood victims

Will everyone please remember the 10 victims of the floods in GA and AL and their families in prayer. Schools are still closed in many places on account of flooding inside the schools and the water supply is not sanitary.
My daughter went in this morning to get some of her work caught up with and she says the whole school stinks. When she walked down the hall past the bathrooms she gagged on account of the smell. Some of the rooms have water spots in them which stink. One school has had water 12 inches deep for 72 hours and lots of homes have standing water in them. She is safe in her home.
Now on to better things, Here is a video of a Buckeye Butterfly on a flower.

Buckeye Butterfly9-22-09 007
Click on for a larger view.

Gulf Fritillary

9-22-09 024

Have a blessed day everyone. Count your blessings each day. Helen


  1. Your flower shots are lovely. Its so sad about all the flooding and it is a horrible mess to clean up. I hope it gets better down there.

  2. Sorry your daughter had to contend with a flood! And all the other people, too. Sounds like a pretty bad one. I enjoyed the video of the butterfly. That was an unusual video

  3. The butterfly and the flowers just brightened my day a whole lot. I hope it means that the water is receding and rained has stopped if your daughter got into school today. It will be a major clean up there. I'm praying for all that have suffered tragedy there.

  4. All the flooding is indeed a mess to say the very least. Praying for all involved. Gorgeous butterflies!

  5. Nature is very powerful, dangerous stuff, but also beautiful as you showed us in your photos today.

    I hope all those effected by the floods will see some beauty and light in the days ahead.

  6. Amazing with the flooding and devastation the butterfly doens't know a thing about it.

    I can imagine the smell. WOW. This is such a tragedy.
    Love from NY heading South in the Morning.
    Jack &Sherry

  7. It's terrible what they are having to deal with with the flooding. I am glad Mira's home is safe. She has definitely been through enough lately. Take care, Sheila

  8. That is an excellent shot of the Buckeye butterfly. I never seem to get them just perfect like you did.

    Thanks for helping me to make history.
    Pick a Peck of Pixels

  9. Praying for all those families that lost loved ones. I can only imagine how bad that smell was...hope they can get the schools cleaned up very soon. The video was awesome...loved it. The other photo was so pretty too. Hope you have a beautiful Thursday...hugs and love, Joyce

  10. Great pics, Helen. I heard of the flooding in GA, and I know only too well how bad floodwater stinks.

  11. First let me say the butterflies are beautiful. Hope Mira doesn't go around that school too much and get ill again. I pray for all the people and their losses.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous, photos. You do have a gift. Thanks for sharing it with us. Sorry about your flooding, we went through it 1 1/2 yr. ago. It's just too horrible for words.

    Take care of yourself.

  13. Beautiful photography! Also, so sad about the flooding. I couldn't imagine having to go through something so horrible.

  14. Hope everyone else is safe and in harm's way. Sorry to hear about the flood victims and the horrifying accounts each survivor went through.

    Your last picture is so clear, it's astoundingly fantastic. Just beautiful!

  15. My thoughts and hopes for recovery are with the flood victims.

    Your butterfly shots are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hey Helen,
    Hope you and yours are safe there in Bama... has the weather subsided any? Sayin' a prayer for safe keeping for you folks down there in the southeast...


  17. Nice Pictures, Anna Mae said the "10's" unit is good for one nites sleep, its either that or take pill$ and the "10's" unit is free, the drug$ for her back are not!!!