Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Honor Of All Veterans

Thanks Sugar for the great graphic.

This morning as I was checking out at a local store the clerk asked the man behind me if he was a Veteran. He said yes. 
I turned to him and told him "Thank you for serving us and our Country".  He said " you're welcome, I was in the Navy".
She was getting some kind of paper out of a stack. I was hoping it was a big discount coupon but I didn't see what it was.

A big thank you to all our Veterans past and present for defending us and our great country to retain our freedom. 
Sending up a prayer for those and their families also who didn't make it or have gone on before. 
A big hug to all of you. 


  1. They all do deserve our sincerest "thank you", how I wish I could do more for them.

    I hope they feel as much pride in themselves as we feel for them.

  2. I've seen quite a few discounts being given today for veterans. They deserve it!

  3. yes ty to them all! hope everyone says ty to a vet today. they deserve all our ty's as they fought so that we could cont to be free.
    ty to all our service men & women. God bless them & their families.

  4. I try to always thank a matter what day it is. I am so blessed to live in a country where we are free. Lets make sure the Govt doesnt strip all those rights away from us.


  5. I posted a similar entry this evening too Helen. People always say Happy Veterans day - We shouldn't be saying "Happy", we should be saying thank you to them instead! I tried to remember that today. I hope the gentleman you were speaking of got the best discount ever! :-)

  6. Good entry and you are sweet Helen. I am proud to be a Vet. and the thanks this year is over whelming. I don't remember so many 'thank you's' as I have had and have given.
    God Bless you!
    Jack & Sherry from NC

  7. Yes, so many have served and still serve this great country of ours and the thank you is so important. Hope you are having a nice Thursday morning...hugs and love,

  8. Nice entry and amen to everything you are saying here.

  9. I saw a program on PBS about the retirement age Veteran's and other's that turn out at 3:30 a.m to go to the airport in Maine where troops are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. Another show featured all the cemetary's in Europe where American soldiers fell in protection during WW2. Veteran's Day is such an important time to honor all those who serve. Everyday we should thank our Veterans. mark

  10. Great post! My husband (who is not a veteran always says to those that are (no matter what their age), "I want to thank you for your service to our country." "May I shake your hand?" Sometimes people cry.


  11. Thanks for the post, Helen. And thanks for the visit and comment on the Buckeye butterfly.