Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting closer

Well here we are getting closer and closer. Santa is getting close to Alabama.

PhotobucketWe have been doing a little toward getting ready but it's a slow go. Fortunately we didn't have any snow to cope with this weekend. 
I went back to the eye doc last week and the pressure in my eyes are still pretty high. He changed my eye drops and wrote a new prescription for some more. Well I looked on my insurance and it is is the highest tier so needless to say I will see if he can change that to something else today. He is is this town only on Monday's but it being this close to Christmas he may not be in today. I will call before I go. Meanwhile I am still using my current drops. 

Will everyone visit Jon who recently lost his mother and doesn't have any family or friends  close by to be with him this Christmas. I know it will be a lonely one for him. Thanks.

One day this week we will or Ken will go take Christmas flowers to the cemetery for my parents and my two baby boys. It takes about and hour and a half to get there and then have to come back. I certainly don't want to be where I can't motivate around for Christmas so Ken has offered and I may let him take them because I still have things to do and things to cook here.
The economy being what it is we are playing Dirty Santa again this year, Everyone enjoys doing that and has so much fun.

 Well I have sit here long enough. Time to go back to bed. I am having one of those regular sleepless nights where I sleep a couple of hours then have to get up and mess around a while until I get sleepy again. I do this every night so that is nothing new. This when I make some of my blog entry's. My back gets stiff and hurts so I get up and move around for a while.

Thanks Sugar for most of my graphics 

 I Hope everyone has a blessed Monday.

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  1. dear helen, your post looks very festive. ;)
    i went by & visited jon, & said a prayer for him. also, put him on call 4 support per your blog entry.
    sending out a prayer for you too, my friend hoping you feel better & get all your last Christmasy things taken care of.
    may God be with you this holy season.

  2. Hi Helen.. I hope you and Ken, Patches and Daisy all have a wonderful Christmas! As always you make such beautiful header pictures!

  3. Hi Helen..and thanks for dropping by my "returning" blog LOL..and understand about the stiffness...specially when I sit at this computer to much...!! your blog was so pretty and festive looking...sure boasted my "holiday mood"...LOL...God Bless...hugs...Ora

  4. I hate those sleepless nights. I think most women of a certain age experience the problem.

  5. I did stop over and leave Jon a note. It is hard when you are alone at Christmas.

  6. Your blog does look so pretty and festive. Hope your doc can change those eye drops for you. I see so many patients who can't afford the expensive meds they are put on. Thank goodness for my sleeping pill, life savers. Take care and I'll stop by Jon's.

  7. Hope all goes well with the eye drops. I have visited Jon. Mike went to the cemetery yesterday and put flowers on my Mum and Dad's grave and also on the memorial to my brother. Becky and Dean went the day before. I am sorry about your two boys, I had no idea. I lost my son far too early for him to have a grave but still remember. Hugs.

  8. Good morning Helen.
    Your blog posting is so full of Christmas cheer. I wish they had generic prescription drug for every ailment. It can be such a shock even with insurance.
    You have a wonderful Christmas with the family.

  9. Hey, Helen!
    This is 11AM, early morning for me! HA! I have learned to do like you if I can't rest or sleep, find something to do until I can. Fortunatrely it is not usually pain but just something on my mind.
    This is my second try to comment, frustrating to lose anything on a computer , don't know where to look for it. ha!
    Sherry fixed pancakes this morning, while looking for a small griddle found the cake pans she was missing.
    Oh, hope Ken makes the trip okay. I know you would love to go with him. Loved the pictures and the Christmas comments. This is a good time fo the Year.
    Sorry about the eyes, still. Hope The Dr. does come around even thought it is close to Christmas.
    Love from over in Florida,
    Sherry & jack.


  11. I'm sorry you still have the problem with your eyes and back Helen. I hope you can get some more rest, Christmas is a hard time when you can't sleep properly. I'll go visit Jon, it's a sad time when you lose somebody, especially this time of year. Have a great Christmas. Jeannette xxxx

  12. Hope your eyes get to feeling better soon. I'm glad I have the insurance we have, when I had to get my drops to start using before and after my eye surgery, the one was $130.00 but I only had to pay I believe $45.00 I have found sleeping in a recliner, I can stay in it much longer than sleeping on a flat bed. When I use to sleep in the bed, I was up every two hours or so because of lower back pain and hips bothering me, don't have that problem anymore sleeping in my favorite recliner. Since I can move it either up straighter and lay it back a little more. I'm not going to be getting around that much for the next week or so, so Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. God bless you and keep you both this holiday season

  14. Hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas...and your blog looks so pretty. Going by to visit Jon after this note to you...what a sad time for him, he will have friends surround him with love. Have a restful evening...and hope those other drops come to you soon for your eyes. Love, Joyce

  15. Helen, I love all your Christmas card entries and especially love your header photo with the ornaments. Keep a copy in one of your entries so it will always be there for us to find. I know that sometimes it's easy to forget to do that with headers. I hope you are doing and feeling better! You have so many beautiful visuals to share! Sending you positive energy for your eyes and back! :)

  16. I'm having one of those sleepless nights too. It''s 2:23 am & I'm wide awake. I'm still praying for you

  17. Eye changes cause some of the worst worry in old age. I will soon be having cataract surgery, but the pressure in my eyes has not changed. It must be a worry to have both you and Ken concerned about eyes changes, but hopefully nothing will advance too fast. I often get up in the night, too, as I can't lay in bed sometimes, but after I have checked the computer and maybe even settled back to relax in my recliner, all my muscles will relax enough so that I can go back to bed and go to sleep. Someetimes a snack helps as I sometimes eat so lightly in the evening I seem to run out of protein! Or drink a little milk. Gerry

  18. Sometime I'm doing laundry at four in the morning or reading, straightening up. Just anything to get sleepy again then I go back to bed and sleep too late.Guess I'm lucky the noise doesn't bother John or if it does he can go right back to sleep. Enjoy Christmas.