Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yellow,orange and brown wild flowers

Sorry about not posting lately. I have been in such a foul mood lately. I had some skin cancers taken off my face and arm last week. I haven't got the results back yet. Then this past Thursday I had some laser work done on my left eye due to the pressure staying so high even with me on meds for it. I hope it helps. 
Well we haven't been in good enough health to go anywhere for me to take any pictures so I will post some more wildflowers in our flower beds. Today they will be on the yellow, orange, and brown theme.

I have some more yellows but will show them later.
Everyone have a blessed Saturday night and Sunday.


  1. Oh Helen,
    I'm so sorry to hear you are experiencing more health problems. I sure hope you get good news from your test results.

    Even though you aren't feeling good, you bring us all this sunshine with your beautiful flower photos! I love the color theme. Yellows and oranges are always my favorites. Always cheerful.

    Wishing you & Ken healthy days,

  2. Hi Helen,
    I can see why you haven't been up for much. That is a lot of weight to carry and still function.
    LOvely pictures though I did recognize one, I think it is a 'Brown-eyed Susan', I could be wrong, ha!
    praying for better days!

  3. I will pray your health improves Helen. It's no fun having all of this done. I watched as my parents worried about each other during some rough times,and now, it seems it's our turn.
    Keep on showing and taking time to enjoy the flowers. They always make me feel better.
    You have a beautiful show of blanket flowers, california poppy, daisy, rubecia, all lovely.

  4. Sorry you are still having issues with your eye. Praying you get good results and heal quickly. As always, beautiful flowers. Take care, Sheila

  5. I'm prayaing for you Helen! I hope things turn around for you very soon! The flowers are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I pray each day that you feel better. Yes, you are going thru a lot...your eyes are great at taking photos though, and I know that is a joy of yours. The detail and beauty is just awesome. Don't over do things...hugs and love,

  7. Helen, hope everything turns out OK. You have had your share of problems. Love all you shots of the flowers. They are so lovely.

  8. praying for you, and thank you again for sharing all your lovely flowers.

  9. Hi Helen, sorry you are under the weather and dealing with skin cancer to boot. My husband just had several of them burned off too, and so far so good. Blessings!

  10. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shots !!Simply nice and great !!Unseen Rajasthan

  11. Oh, you always seem to pose those flowers so they look so artistic. Sorry to hear you have been having procedures done not fun. Hope I am not growing any skin abnormalies from years in the scorching sun of Phoenix!

  12. Hello Helen, I'm soorry to hear you've still got health issues, I hope you get the all clear with the skin cancer and your eyes improve too. Your flowers are always a joy to see, such beautiful colours. You certainly have a lot of beauty in your garden. Jeannette xxxx

  13. I can't say much differently than anyone else...feel bad for you what you are going through, but really love your gorgeous flower shots!


  14. Lwt us all hope and pray you are doing better now. I like all of your flowers. I even see some of mine among them.

    I just noticed that my Monarda is beginning to bloom.

  15. I think your pictures are awesome. You cerainly have a knack for growing them as well as photographing them!

    Hope you feel better soon. My BP was down, for the first time in months. I wish I felt better. But living with chronic pain is tough stuff, as you already know too well.

    Take care, hope you do feel better soon!

  16. Your eyes are precious. You must take care of them. So sorry to hear about your health woes. I hope the outcome of your tests bring better news. The photographs were beautiful. I'm in love with that vibrant orange flower.

  17. Oh dear Helen,
    I was all set to comment on the beauty of the pictures until I read the entry. I'm really sorry about all of this going on with you Helen. I'm praying for you to get good news and for you to heal from all of this. His will be done... Amen.

  18. Hi Helen,

    Sorry to hear your health is still up in the air. Here's hoping you get good results.
    Hope you're soon out and about again, maybe it will help lighten your mood.

    Stay positive.
    B. x

  19. I hope your test turn out good. Your flowers are so beautiful! Sending up prayers

  20. I had one mole removed several years ago and it was non-cancerous. I am checked every year now. The yellow and red-maroon flowers in combination with the greens make for a beautiful picture. I look for color combinations to improve my knowledge for painting (when the day comes that I really start on my canvas again). I watch PBS painting programs that have taught me much. Thanks for commenting on my entry and on Salty.
    My worker and I finally got the sliding glass door removed from behind my other 2 doors, that sat occupying the same space for years. We moved it with half the glass side in it and his knowledge from working at the Home Depot made it go very well. Soon I will have a photo of the work that is being done, though it may be a week or so before I post it in my blogger/journal.
    Best thoughts,

  21. Hi Helen...and Ken...well I have commented much lately...outside most of the time...mornings and early evenings are so nice...mid afternoons I come in...start to read a book and promply fall is a good life...LOLOL...sorry you haven't felt well lately...I don't get out and roam any like you will just take picture of the home place take take more pretty a nice calendar these pics would make!!!! love and hugs to ya both

  22. Helen ~ I pray you're doing better ... sounds like when it rains it pours. Sending healing {{HUGS}} your way. Your wildflowers are beautiful!!

  23. Nice Post.........
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  24. Hello !!! I hope you are feeling better today. I have been meaning to come and leave you a comment. I had to come and read your blog. I like your pictures. Thanks for sharing.