Friday, December 10, 2010

Had to start all over .

Well I had an entry almost finished and hit the wrong key and the whole thing disappeared. So I am starting over.
I awoke up to a beautiful sunrise Wednesday morning that I thought I would share.

Well this eye has finally about got straightened out from my precious surgery. I still have a floater at times that makes me think a black fly is flying in front of my face. Makes me swat at it at times then at times I can't even see it. This happened last week after I had a little laser surgery done. 
Ken still has macular degeneration in his eyes and has to get a shot in one eye each month. I hope that will soon get better and he won't have to have the shots anymore. 

Mira has had more health problems and is doing better except she will have another tumor removed from her neck while she is out of work during Christmas. She missed over a week having some surgery done about two months ago. She had a large tumor removed from her sternum and some more work done at that time but the reports came back benign, thank the Good Lord.

Ken and I rode up on a mountain close to the house the other day where I took the header picture. All the pretty foliage was just about gone by then.
I thought I would show you all how our two girls ride when we take them with us. Daisy loves riding in the front with Ken while Patched loves riding on the platform Ken made in back of the jeep and covered with cheap carpet. Patches like to be where she can see everything. That head is constantly moving looking around.
                              Daisy, she is watching Ken.

Patches, she is watching me. She likes to ride with her head on the backseat with her face between her paws. I know it jars her to do that. Sometimes she is all over the place. Ken lets the window down a crack at times and she hops up there and puts one foot on the bottom of the window where he has made a place to put her foot to keep her from sliding down while the other foot is either on the side of the back where he has put another strip or puts her right  foot on his left shoulder and she sniffs the air coming in the window. Daisy's bed is on the other side of Patches.
Well I have told about all the news I know for this time.
I will try to make another entry before Christmas.

I hope everybody has a blessed day  and a blessed weekend.
Yes, it has been cold here in AL. 20ยบ here yesterday morning.


  1. Love your photos Helen, such a beautiful sunrise. Your doggies are lovely too. xxxx

  2. Dasiy and Patches look like they really enjoy a long car ride with you and Ken. Your photos are beautiful.

    So, so sorry to hear about Mira. I'm glad to hear her tumor was benign, and hope the next one they remove is as well. I'm sure it is all so very stressful.

    All the best to your family during this holiday season.

    Take care, stay warm, and good health.


  3. Great view from the mountain! Daisy and Patches are so cute. We have 2 rescue beagles; Indie & Suzi. They are a mess. We love them both dearly. Glad to hear your surgery went well. Look forward to your next post....

  4. Great header, and that sunrise picture is unbelievable, too. Iris loves riding in the car, but she sheds so bad and we don't want hair flying all over the car. Patches is such a pretty dog.

  5. It so good to hear that things are better for you there. I loved the pictures. Your girls are adorable. They look like they enjoy going for a ride. I guess everyone has been cold this week. I'm surprised to hear you are down in the 20's too.

  6. I'm so glad to hear things are going better also. Maybe the floater will be gone soon, & Ken won't have to get those shots anymore. I can't imagine getting one in the eye. Ouch! Thnak God Mira's tumor was benign. Praying all goes well for her & you guys!

    Oh, I loved hearing & seeing how Patches & Daisy rides. I love Patches place to ride. So neat!

  7. Keeping you ~ Ken and Mira in my thoughts and Prayers
    I loved your header picture and the ones of Patches and Daisy are really lovely ~ they look very comfortable ~ Ally x

  8. Hey Helen, glad to see you on the Alerts! Patches looks comfortable as you ride. The opening picture is a keeper that is for sure.

    Man shucks, Mira is haveing a bought with it all. A prayer just went up for her.

    It is good to know that you and Ken got out for the outing anyway. I seldom have a floater. Sherry has them more often but they are hard to explain how real they are. I haven't swatted yet, but I start too. LOL

    A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND KEN. Also give our love & wishes to Mira.

  9. Great pictures as always! Glad to see an entry from you. Hope yours and Ken's eyes continue to improve. Glad Mira's tumor was benign, hope all goes well with the next surgery. Patches and Daisy look like they are having a good time...ha. Prayers for all, take care, Sheila

  10. Hi Helen. Good to see you back on the blog. Glad to see that you all are doing fairly will. Your daughter has been through so much and I am glad the tumor was benign. We will keep her in our prayers. Those two little kids (Puppies) are so cute. I call them kids because they get like kids to us.
    Take care and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  11. I just loved all the photos...the sunrise is just beautiful. I know 2011 has to be better health wise for your family. My prayers are going up for it to be so. The girls are just as cute as can be. I know they enjoy riding, you can tell just looking at them. Have a wonderful Christmas, Joyce

  12. Hi Helen,

    I'm pleased to hear things are slowly improving for you and Ken.
    I love the sunset photo.

    B. x

  13. What a glorious sunrise. Trust you to be able to catch that one on camera. Good to hear how you and Ken are doing and an update on Mira. My gosh what makes those tumors grow, but thank God they are benign. Happy holidays to you both and may the dogs enjoy Christmas, too!

  14. The header is beautiful and Patches and Daisy are gorgeous too! I have macular degeneration too, we never appreciate our vision till it starts going do we? I'm glad Mira's tumours were benign, let's hope for the safe removal of the next one. Jeannette xx

  15. I am glad that you are back, keep on comming back, DAD

  16. so good to see a post from you and with pretty pictures too. So glad you got out for a while and I know the girls enjoyed the ride too.

  17. Helen, where is your snow? LOL We have a blizzard going on right now.

    Your dogs are so precioud in those pictures, especially. Loved them!

    Sorry about your brother, Hope your eyes improve and Ken's don't get worse. xxMerry

  18. Those are wonderful photos of the dogs. It must be a great way to relax and enjoy a day by going on a outing to the beautiful mountains. AOL Weather claims Carbondale had a low last night of 6 degrees. It says it is either 8 or 11 degrees right now, but my thermometer reads 17 in the shade on two seperate ones. May both your and Ken's eyesight be on the mend. Last Monday my worker and I took my matching west front door off the hinges' and made corrections. Now both metal doors with upper sashed window can swing and seal the best possible. Our ability to work has reached it's limit due to cold. We have accomplished more than I could have predicted for the year. By next winter I should be able to vent some heat into it and have a warm indoors to enjoy. mark/salty