Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Things about Ken

It didn't take long at all at the doc's office today. In and out in less than 30 min. He already had a large graphic on the wall where he drew what he was going to do. A thing where he could draw on it then wipe  it clean.

One aneurysm is larger than the other one. They plan to do one at a time or if conditions are right then they will do both while they are in there. The largest one will be done first. Then if they have to wait the other one will be done about 3 weeks later.
The last couple of weeks they have come out with a new material they are going to use. They are going to get the team together and do it on the 26th of Sept if they can get all four doctors together at the same time. Two surgeons, one heart surgeon, and one anesthetist person plus the nurses.  Some of the doctors will have to come from other cities.
I am going to be optimistic and pray that things will go right.
Prayers will be appreciated.

Thanks for the prayers you all have already sent.

Love to all.
Have a blessed week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things are looking up.

Finally we have a couple of answers. 
Everything went well this morning, No sign of cancer in the colon, thank the good Lord. He also told us the two aneurysms were not very big but when we go back to his office on Aug 30th we could decide if we wanted to go ahead and put stents in or wait until it grows more. I vote for having it done before they get big.

He still has to have the prostrate checked out. The doc. could feel they were enlarged some.So we have to find a good doc and have that checked out. 

Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. 
Have a blessed afternoon Everyone.