Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hoping for a closer date

Good morning all, I got the phone call yesterday telling me my MRI was scheduled for this Thursday the 4th of Dec. after lunch. Thing is I can't see the Doc here until the day after Christmas. I am thinking I will call the DR's office in the other city today and see if he has an appointment earlier there. That would be one and a half hours driving one way with me laying in the backseat of the small car but that might be better if I can see him earlier. Three weeks is a pretty long time to wait for the results when I am in pain. They offered me that option yesterday and I told them I would just wait but my mind is about changed. It would be according to what time of day we could see him. Ken can't see how to drive if I didn't get out of the office way before dark. You all know how long it usually takes to see a doctor.

My daughter is still not doing well at all. She is still not working. She did see the chiropractor Monday and is supposed to see her again today. She felt better right after the adjustment but it soon wore off. She called me early this morning and said that she couldn't hardly stand and pain was running down one leg.
Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts for all of us. We appreciate them very much.
Have a blessed day everyone. Helen


  1. I do hope you can get it sorted Helen. There is nothing worse than medical conditions especially if you are in pain. Worry also gets us down, worry over health issues. I have tests coming up and hoping it will not be another Christmas for me with bad news. I used to wonder why my Mother hated Christmas, now I know, she always got bad news or was ill at Christmas and she came to dread it.

    You will be in my prayers. I pray special prayers every night when I go to bed. Hugs.

  2. I am glad I came over here and saw this...I just sent you an email about all of my answers...and as for the quicker date...your is not right you have to wait that long...and praying you get the date moved closer...I will keep good thoughts and prayers that it will happen for you. Mira is still in my prayers...hope she too can get some relief....not good to have her down...and her standing is not good either. Many hugs and love...thanks for updating..Joyce

  3. I sure wish you could see your Doc sooner. That drive would be brutal.
    Give your daughter my best, and love to you all.

  4. I hope you get an appointment sooner! It just shows me how much doctors 'don't care".. they think everyone can afford to go into emergency and get admitted to a hospital "if they are in that much pain"... even with insurance, that's not possible most of the time.. sometimes I hate doctors!

  5. hope you can move up the dr appt. Sending good vibes and thoughts for all of you

  6. Poor you Helen, I hope you get things sorted and are free of this pain as soon as possible. Prayers going out for you and your daughter. Her sciatica must be so painful, I know the pain too well. Jeannette xx