Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Coming along slowly

Well it has been a slow go for all of us. My daughter called Home Health today and got the readings on her blood work which was done Monday. Everything shows an improvement. The Home Health place faxes in the results of it to the Doc every week so he can see the results and adjust the dosage of the meds before they send them out here.
She still has a problem getting up and making short trips here in the house using her walker. Not sitting any except to eat. The physical therapist came today and did some work on her legs and hips which relieved a lot of back pain she was having. I hope the adjustment lasts a while. He will come back again Friday. She has also been running a pretty high temp but I believe it was a little lower last night.
She has some infection which is showing up in her lymph glands but the Dr said there was nothing he could do about that, it was a viral infection and would just have to run it's course. You would think those antibiotics she is taking in that IV would stop that but he said no it wouldn't.
This old lady has just about run out of energy and the back pain is terrible.
Oh, our Daisy has not hardly left Mira's bed while she has been sick. If she leaves for a little while and Mira cries out in pain from muscles spasms in her back Daisy goes running back to check on her.

I am sorry but I still haven't had the time or energy to read but a couple of blogs then comment or not. Maybe one day things will smooth out some.

Zinnia 6-1--09

Ken's patio tomato.
Patio Tomato 6-1--09

Have a blessed night and Thursday everyone.
Thanks again for your prayers, good thoughts and comments.
Love to you all, Helen


  1. Bless your hearts! I know you all are wore out. How sweet of Daisy! Keeping you all in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Love the close up shots. The Zin. color is beautiful, and the detail of the green tomatoes makes e want to slice and fry them. HA!

    I know you guys will be glad for the hurting time to pass. I am sure the enduring is not pleasant. It is rough on everyone, when pain ans sickness invades and prevails. But hopefully the signs mean things are looking up.
    Love ya,
    Jack & Sherry

  3. Helen,
    I am prayig that things will begin to look up for all of yall.
    I have often said that little dogs love us more than some other humans do...That is so liek my little chihuahuas when I broke my arm..they never left my side.
    Please know that I am thinking and praying for you all....Give Mira my regards, Ken too..and Try to rest a little Helen..

  4. Don't you just love how our pets understand our pain? You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I am glad she is showing some improvement. Love your photo's. I just have the flowers on my tomatoes so far. Pets, they are so special.

  6. (((((Helen))))) I hope your back gets better, and SOON. Those medical folks don't get in a hurry, do they?

  7. oh Helen..if empathy would help you would be a "painless" lady!.. I feel so badly that you and your daughter are in so much pain.

    ... i am envious of those green tomatoes!

  8. Helen, Praying God will continue to get you thru this challenge and also heal your daughter from this viral infection. I am a bit surprised by the doctor's position on this and would almost offer you should get a second opinion. Blessings to you!

  9. You and your family sure have been going through a difficult time. I hope things continue to improve a bit each day.

    How sweet that Daisy is looking out for Mira.

  10. I pray all changes and Mira will get rid of the fever and she will soon be getting to feeling so much better. Slow yes, but she will get there. You take care of you too...your doing an awesome Ken, I know is helping also. Daisy is the one too that will help she smile when Daisy is by her side. Have a beautiful Thursday...cooler here...but rain rain rain...the entire day..hugs!!!

  11. A viral infection did this? Wow. I have had back problems since 1957 and the pain with that has sent me to the hospital many times. I am so thankful mine don't bother me now much.

    I hope your whole family gets well and you all have a good time together walking the dog.

    I managed to get a new blog started a few days ago. It is only about flowers.

    Our Flower Pot

  12. I am hoping that your daughter will improve soon from the fever and begin movement normally again. Daisy by her side must be a comfort to her. I have the young man that delivered my firewood for 2 years start helping me. He works at Home Depot and can find out information on installation, but is a good worker. Ken's tomato plant looks wonderful. The detail of the Zinnia is ornate. My thought's that Mira's pain as well as your's will be managed, and with rest and time improve.

  13. It is touching that even the dog is responding to Mira's pain to say nothing of the old folks. Goes to show you that dogs worry too! But I hope now she will have a slow but better recovery than before and you can get some rest, too and recovery. I know it is hard for the old to nurse the young, but they don't always have a choice. Gerry

  14. I hope the adjustments the physical therapist made will continue to offer Mira relief. How sweet of Daisy. I can imagine how worn out you and Ken are, especially with your back the way it is. Thanks for giving us an update on how she is doing. We know you have your hands full right now. Prayers to all, Sheila

  15. I have had you, and your Mira on my mind and in my prayers. It was nice to get an update on her. I can only imagine how your back must feel. I promise you one day, things will be better and go back to "normal."


  16. I hope the infection clears up soon for Mira and her pain subsides. It must be so tiring for you all to cope with. Bless Daisy for looking after Mira! Jeannette xx

  17. There you are!!!! I must not have been following you via blogspot. I've been away from reading many blogs for so long. I finished my MBA so maybe I'll have more time. Have a good weekend.

  18. I hope Mira's health will improve through the days ahead. Will supportive family and good medical care, she will keep her spirits up high and recover. I think Daisy secretly prays for her too in her own way. What a companion!

  19. Think of you and your family often. The flowers are beautiful as usual.