Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ken eye doc visit and Eastern Bluebird pictures

Hi All, Yesterday Ken went to his eye doc expecting to get tested for a set of new eye glasses, well that was not to be the case. The doc found some hemorrhaging in back of his left eye that he has already had five surgeries on. So he set him up with an appointment with a Retina Doc the 13th of November in another City. I hope they can take care of it with laser treatment. We shall have to wait an see.

Early yesterday morning I looked out the storm door and heard and saw the pair of Eastern Bluebirds making a fuss and trying to scare something out of their box. Their soft fussing wouldn't scare a bee off. They were diving at the box and peeking in the door. I couldn't see what it was but grabbed my camera not realizing the flash was on. It blurred against the glass making the picture look foggy. I didn't see what was in the box until later when I looked at the pictures. I was focusing on the Bluebirds LOL. I quickly turned the flash off. It had already scared the female off so I grabbed a shot of the male.These birds over winter in the old nesting material in the box.They also raise two nestlings of babies in that old box in the spring and summer.

 Eastern Bluebird 10-19-09 001

Eastern Bluebirds10-19-09 004

Have a blessed day today. May the sun shine brightly where ever you live and may you see a beautiful Bluebird to brighten your day. Helen


  1. The bluebirds are simply beautiful. Sadly, they are our state bird, yet I've never seen one in the wild. Maybe I need a bluebird house.

    I sure hope Ken can get laser treatment for his condition.

  2. the blue birds are lovely, one of my fav featured friends.
    sorry to hear of news re kens eye. hoping the dr can treat it easily & quickly. sending a prayer for him, & for you.
    may God bless...

  3. Sorry to hear about Ken's eye. I'm praying that everything will be just fine. Oh, the photos of the birds are beautiful!

  4. The bluebirds are just beautiful. They aren't around where I am yet they are here in our state. I think they prefer the country. I'll be praying for Ken that lazer surgery can fix what's wrong. They can do so much now with that lazer it's amazing.

  5. I do hope all goes well for Kens eyes...and the treatments help him. Loved the photos of the blue pretty. You all are surrounded by so many pretty birds in your area. Have a good,

  6. My sister Ann's husband had to have an operation to repair a 'macular tear' and had to keep his head down two weeks for it to heal, but looks like the operation is a success. He won't know for sure for 2 months. I hope Ken's eye can be fixed. These are tough surgeries. Pretty birds. Gerry

  7. What lovely photos and what a pretty bird. Sorry to hear Ken's eye needs work again. He will be in my prayers.

  8. I just love Blue Birds. This was the first year I had them after putting up a blue bird box last Fall. I put up another one this fall in the hopes of bringing more in. Wonderful Pictures!

  9. I still have bluebirds coming to the birdbath every day; I sure hope some of them make a home in the birdhouse I intend to get this winter.
    Saying a prayer for Ken.

  10. Hi Helen,

    I`m so sorry that Ken has to have even more surgery, he has been through so much with his eyes. It must be so hard for him to deal with.

    The bluebirds are lovely, we don`t have them here but seeing as I love birds so much it would be a joy to see them in my garden.

    Love and Hugs

    Sandra xxxx

  11. The blue birds are so pretty. I will keep Ken in my prayers. I hope your back is doing much better. Have a great weekend.

  12. We pray that Ken's eye problem is less than you expect.

    The photo's are beautiful. YOu are good with that camera!
    Love from ARkansas.
    Sherry & Jack

  13. Patty gets her right eye cataract removed this morning. We are thinking about Ken and hope this can be fixed. An old friend of ours had the same problem and went through several of these laser treatments before it partially corrected his problems. We hope for the best.

    I like your blue bird photos. They are such a nice bird. But so far I have had no luck in attracting them here. I did get a new birdhouse for them but it wasn't used this summer.

  14. Please keep us updated on Ken. Man, those pictures of the Bluebirds are just awesome. Keep em coming.


  15. What beautiful birds! Nice pics, Helen.


  16. Some really beautiful and lovely shots !! Bird is so colorful !! Thanks for sharing..Unseen Rajasthan

  17. Helen,
    I am so sorry to hear about Ken's eye. Please keep us informed.

    I can't tell you how amazed I am at your beautiful photography. You make me think I should stick to text. I never ever could be as talented at that as you. You are great! Merry

  18. I hope Ken's vision is OK and that he can get the treatment and have no more problems. The bluebird is a wonderful bird and I enjoyed seeing the photo's and reading about their house invader. Now I must get outside this Sunday and primer paint in the 60'sF before rain is forecast Monday afternoon again. I did finally finish the south wall with siding and paint that I had been working on for a month yesterday. Seeing the final product keeps me going and thinking how someday with all the work I am doing, I will be able to have a larger living space. I am crowded to the limit with the small space I have now. Mark/Salty

  19. Wish Ken all the very best for tomorrow Helen, I pray the retina doctor will be able to help him. The bluebirds are beautiful, I especially like the last photo, the little bird looks so inquisitive! Jeannette xx

  20. blue birds ... how lucky. i have to set up a tripod near their boxes in fields and sit 100 feet away with trigger switches to shoot my camera in order to get bluebird photos.
    very cool. nikonsniper