Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanks and It's colder this morning

Good morning all,  First of all I would like to thank everyone for your visit to Sara's Blog. I know she appreciated each visit, each prayer and every word of encouragement that you sent up and left for her and her family.

It is a lot colder here this morning. For the first time this fall I turned on a little heat last night. It has been coming on a good bit all night and this morning. It was only 46º outside but with it being cloudy and the wind blowing it seemed much colder. It's going to be colder than that tonight. We will probably see our first frost of the season tomorrow morning. The leaves haven't even changed but a little so it looks like the colder weather may keep them from turning much. We shall see. I wanted to get out for a while to get some pictures if they ever turn. 
Mira went to her back doc here Wednesday and he was pleased at how she was doing but her back still hurts a good bit. He wants her to have another MRI in Jan. then see him a few days after that. This is the longest drive she has made since her surgery and the ordeal she went through. The long trip effected her hip and leg a lot. She is in a good deal of pain this morning.

I have been having some eye trouble the last couple of months with the pressure running high. My eye doc thinks it is the beginning of glaucoma. He has been running all kinds of test but still not 100% sure. The pressure has come down a good bit because he has me on eye drops. I see him again in Dec.

Well news is running short for a stay at home person. 

Here are some flowers from a neighbor's back yard two doors down. I just used my regular zoom on this. I am sorry to say he is no longer living now. He passed on this summer. He worked in his yard about all the time until he got in such bad shape and I miss seeing him out there.
The red building was his work shop. He built all kinds of things including the gazebo on the left. He also built the patio and steps and railings to his shop.

10-11-09 004

This is a couple of flowers from across the fence in our neighbors yard on the other side. The Gold one is an Angel Trumpet that was full of trumpets about two weeks ago but I missed getting a picture of that. I have no idea what the pink one is. Some type of fall Azalea I think. All the flowers around here are about gone now.

 Angel Trumpet-10-16-09 006

10-16-09 004

Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen


  1. It is cold here too Helen. Not many flowers left...most have suffered this week, with several overnight frosts in a row.

    So many of your readers left comments on my "weeping tree" post. I thank you for sending them over. How kind of them to leave such lovely words and prayers.

    Take care, Sara

  2. There is a chill in the air here too. Hope it warms up your way, ours too! LOL Sounds like Mira is doing well, and in time, the great help she had in her recovery, will pay off. Hope your eyes will get better too. The flowers are so pretty down your way. Enjoyed the photos. Hope you and Ken have a wonderful, Joyce

  3. It's cold here too. The flowers are gorgeous. I'm still praying for you all!

  4. Hey Helen,

    I went over to Sara's blog and I left her a few words. Its always sad to lose a loved one. I hope that she is able to find some comfort in this time. Thanks for telling us. It is rather cold here in my neck of the woods. I am doing some reading of some rather good books. I find that its nice to read when it gets cold and when its warm. I am not a cold weather person myself however. I hope you and your family are doing well. Tell Mira I said hello and I do hope that she is feeling better these days. Do take care and have a great weekend.

  5. the pics are lovely, as always. :)
    glad mira is doing well.
    sending up a prayer for you, hoping your doc can help with the eye problems. {{}}
    have a good eve, & a blessed sunday.

  6. Looks like that guy was a worker who is no longer with you. I hope his yard does not go to pot now he is gone. Pretty photos as usual. I do not envy you now that you are going into shiver weather. Glad Mira is still improving. Gerry

  7. I hope Mira continues to improve. I still send up prayers for all of you. It seems back problems are so hard to get relief from. Take care, Sheila

  8. It will probably freeze here tonight. It's mid 40's right now but it seems colder too. Every year the cold seems to effect me more. I hope your eyes continue to improve with the drops and that Mira will continue to get better too. Long rides do tend to cause problems when you have back trouble. The pretty flowers are always a welcome sight. You do have a knack for taking some lovely pictures.



  10. hi Helen: sorry that your daughters back isn't better then it is.. I hope it continues to heal!

    great pics as always! love the colors/ yellow and pink!...
    It cooled down to 55 last night here!!! I am so happy you can't believe! but it will be gone by tuesday when it is back to the high 80's :o( Right now I think booboo has a flea up his butt! The cool air and open door has him running around this room playing with his toys like I've never seen him do before this!!

  11. Hi Helen...and Ken is cold here...31 degrees...and we had a really heavy frost early this is burning off now...the sun is shining...but there is no warmth in it LOL..I know how Mira feels...riding any distance at all give me pain..bless her heart...sure hope she gets more relief soon...and your the pictures...beautiful camera work as have a gift girl...happy blessed day to ya both....hugs from Ora in KY

  12. My thought's for your neighbor's family loss. I enjoyed seeing how he worked making wonderful structures that are so ornate. Also the gardening done to make the yard colorfull and it must have been a pleasure having him as a neighbor. I hope the eye drops keep your eye condition in check. I am glad Ken is doing better with his allergy. Mira must have a lot of courage to keep going enduring the pain. Salty and I slept well last night with the woodburner going. It was out this morning having been the coldest night so far. My electric radiator heaters are being used shortly until I start the wooodburner again tonight. I have 4 days of good weather before the next predicted rain. I need to finish putting up siding, caulking, and then paint while it is in the 60 this week. Today will be the high 50's. I am waiting for it to warm up some this morning and then I will set up the ladders. Friday night I did not sleep well which I attribute to weather. So I am glad I slept well last night and can work today. Mark/Salty

  13. Hi Helen, I'm sorry that Mira is still in pain and your eyes are giving you problems. Let's pray that the doctor will be able to give you something to keep the pressure down. I loved the photos, that last one looks like a camellia to me and I loved the gazebo and steps that your late neighbour built, he was a very talented man. Our mornings are cold too, I'm not looking forward to winter. Jeannette xx

  14. The flowers are beutiful. You always take such good pictures. Sorry for your eye troubles It seems like everything shows up as we get older. Thanx for visiting my blog.

  15. I still have a few flowers blooming but not many. The weather has gotten below freezing a couple of times.

  16. Nice flower photos.I'm afraid most of the flowers around my parts are gone...but not forgotten.