Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Burr, it's cold in Alabama

It has been really cold for Al this week. I know it is much much colder in other places but we are not used to it being this cold for this long. It's even going to get down to freezing in Fl.
Ken and I went and got some groceries this morning. They are calling for some snow on Thursday. Now that remains to be seen again. None has shown up so far except for a few flakes one night which didn't stick. 
No, I didn't see or get a shot of the Blue Moon. It was cold and dark and the wind was blowing so I didn't go outside by myself after the clouds went away. I did see it was really light during the night when I got up once. 
The large picture at the top was Patches one cold morning this week when it was nineteen. She had seen a squirrel and ran out the doggie door and was watching it. I got tickled at her, she would try to sit down and it was so cold she hopped right back up. I called her in in a few minutes. She very reluctantly came came back inside. Daisy didn't go out with her LOL.

Here are a couple of just about frozen rose buds. These would have been white roses. It has been in the mid teens this week so I am surprised they are even still on the bush.

I have been putting out extra bird seed and the birds are really gobbling them up. I looked out this morning after I fed them and it looked like a thousand blackbirds in the back yard eating those seeds and whatever they could find. I am sorry but I can't afford to feed those things. When they come the song birds leave until they are gone so I scared them away.
Everyone have a good afternoon and a blessed night. Helen


  1. 19 is Cold, even for me! Hope it warms up everywhere soon.

    Patches looks ready for a hunt!

  2. In Poland, in Wolsztyn it is cold. Wheel - 10 C, like much, but who likes the cold. Regards. I used to be summer:)

  3. My fur babies are having a hard time with the snow that now has an icy frosting....they think it's solid and then break thru the crust!! Funny to me...but... they're not laughing!!
    Snowing now.....enjoy yours ....if you get it!!


  4. It's been snow here for awhile now. I don't think it has quit much in the past few days. I guess alot of us are freezing. I'm counting the days til Spring. Take care and keep warm!

  5. That dog is beautiful.

    I never did anything for von Braun but I did do things for some pretty big people. And I got to do a lot of stuff used by NASA. We were sub contractors at the time and I worked on everything from lunar shelters to thermal printers.

  6. Great shot of Patches. You would think the dog was solid white from that 'pointer' shot.

    Yep Helen, it is cold in Florida. It has been at or near freezing a couple nights. Tonite it is suppposed to go below. Glad you and Ken got out, it seems everyone else is going bonkers inside.
    Love from central Florida.
    Jack & Sherry

  7. it's cold almost everywhere!
    those rose buds are lovely, surprised they are still holding on, poor things, they'll be gone in a few days. :(
    have a good eve.

  8. We found if you buy some cheap dry dog food, in like little round pellets, the old black birds seem to eat that and leave the other seeds alone and the song birds can eat the to. We put out shelled peanuts for the squirrels. Because they will climb up onto the bird feeder if we aren't careful and chase them down. We also have an electric bowl we keep plugged in to keep the water from freezing so they have something to drink.

  9. I agree with you....Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I know what you mean about the birdfeed. That stuff sure has got high, but I have to buy it for my feathered friends. Try to stay warm.

  10. Patches is such a pretty dog.

  11. Hey there. It is supposed to snow here too and the Weather Watches have been issued already. But Jim Cantore from Weather Channel said today on Twitter he is not impressed by the snow amounts (I think he was referring to forecast models). I tweeted back my order for at least 4 inches. lol Spring will be here before we know it though.

  12. A couple of random thoughts Helen:
    First,I'm glad you and Ken are getting around better, it seems. I'm grateful to God for that. Second, LOVE the picture of Patches. She's a brave one for getting out there and trying her best in 19 degree weather. She might be brave, but Daisy is smart...lol
    And finally, when I was a kid, my dad used to feed the birds too. Except he used date expired bread and the birds just ate it up. Hmmmm whenever he did that for some reason, I always thought of Alfred Hitchcock... lol

    God Bless you Helen (and Ken too!)


  13. YOur images are amazing... I have to read closer and see what camera you use.

    Happy New Year - look forward to following you in the new year!

  14. Its been really cold here in South Carolina too. We are usually having highs in the 50's right now. We have be 30-40 and 20's at night. Ill be glad went it warms up. Diana

  15. Yes, it has been cold your way, longer than normal. Patches is so cute...I can just see her trying to sit down and get back up again, LOL I bet if you do get some snow, it will be pretty. Glad you and Ken got out to shop. I wish it had been clear here to see that blue moon. None of us in this area got it and I see yours too. Hope your midweek will be good...take care and stay warm!!! Hugs and love,

    PS So sorry about your roses, bet they would have been so pretty.

  16. I hope you don't get snow!... I know I don't think I will, though it is cold enough (29 degrees with a wind chill of 21) But I bundeled up and walked to the chiropractor anyway.. got a cold nose for my effort LOL..

    Patches looks like she is switching feet that get cold lol

  17. Yes, it's freeeeezing here too! Ugh. But that sure is a cute picture of Patches!
    Love the flower shot too...


  18. Patches looks so intent! Sorry you're getting the frezing weather too, it's been snowing here for about ten hours now! Jeannette xxxx

  19. The birds are so hungry now. I cannot believe that the cold has traveled so far south either Helen. When I went out to sweep snow a little while ago it was 19 degrees and it felt warm just because the wind had died down. That is sad when 19 feels warm. LOL! But it must feel really cold to you.
    Stay warm girl!

  20. You just reminded me I need to fill the bird feeders today while it isn't so cold. Think we are supposed to get our's tonight and get steadily colder for a few days.

  21. I am sorry the roses are freezing. I love roses. We haven't had the black birds lately, they must have all gone to warmer weather but the Junco's are here by the hundreds..

  22. Hi Helen, just wanted to tell you that our local news here in Detroit gave a report on Alabama weather today and showed some pictures too. I thought of you when I was watching it.


  24. The photo of Patches is a good one. Weather here has not been above freezing for 2010 yet I believe. It will be returning to normal this week. Some very cold nights down to 0 F, and 4 inches of snow on the ground. I have been walking Salty. Last night was out at 1:30 a.m. because pain was keeping me awake. It started warming into the 20's overnight. The photo of the frozen roses has a different look that makes for a pretty picture. mark/Salty