Sunday, January 17, 2010

I have been tagged

Seems as if I have been tagged by  Stephen Baird over at Nikon Sniper. He does outstanding photography from all over the place on a lot of different subjects. Check out his blog sometimes. My answers  won't be as long or as interesting as his is because I stay at home and very seldom get out and about like I used to do. Never like he does or has LOL.
Plus I may have missed some of them but who's counting.

8 TV shows I watch on occasions
1. News
2. That's about it as I very seldom watch TV.

By accessing the world-wide (it's everywhere now) internet I have often enjoyed:
1. Reading blogs
2. Checking out different bird sites

3. Looking at different flowers
4. Looking at nature sites, waterfalls and such
5. Reading different news from different parts of the world

6. Having Ken buy things on the web
7. Online banking

8. Emailing friends and family

8 favorite places to eat and drink
Sorry we do most of our eating at home. Maybe a fast food place sometimes for with this horrible back problem I can't sit long enough to wait on food.  

8 things I look forward to
1. Joining my family and friends in heaven
2. The seasonal changes
3. Being able to use my camera more often especially in the spring
4. Better health

5. Maybe one day feel up to traveling places
6. Taking walks again
7. Going places to join family and friends for get to gathers

8. Going fishing again

8 things I love about winter
1. When it is over

2. Sitting in front of a warm fire
3. Eating a hot meal when I am cold
4. Staying inside on a rainy day
5. Knowing my family is safe in their homes in bad weather
6. Reading a good book
7. Playing with our two dogs
8. Eating snacks LOL

8 things on my wish list
1. Grand - children

2.Wishing I could play the piano
3. Wanting to take better photos
4. Having plenty of money
5. My family and myself having better health
6. Ken's eyes to get well or at least a lot better
7. Seeing my family more often
 8. Drawing a blank about now

8 things I am passionate about (not always in this order)1. My love of God
2. My family
3. People getting well who are sick
4. Getting home from the hospital when I have to go there
5. Taking better pictures
6. People treating other people and animals as they should

7. My famiy's love of God
8. Hearing from family and friends

8 things I have learned from the past
1. That I am unable to fix everything
2. That there are going to be good days and bad days
3. Letting go of the past
4. That I have done some lousy cooking
5. Made some lousy photos
6. That I could have been a better mother
7. That I could have been a better daughter
8. Not visiting my parents more while they were living

 8 things I want/need(not necessarily need but want.)
 1. A better camera
 2. A whole passle of different lens
 3 .The know how to use the camera.
 4. Learn how to use the lenses

 5. Places of interest to go to use them.
 6. Better health.
 7. More $$ to go places.
 8. More years to learn how to do these things

8 people I want to tag 
I would like to tag everyone who reads my blog but this does take time and I wouldn't do that to you.
Why did you do this to me Stephen? LOL

Anyway if anyone wants to do this just go right ahead. I promise it's not that easy unless you lead a more exciting life and have more interesting answers than I did. 
If you decide to do it please let me know so I can go look at your answers.


  1. Wow Helen! That must have taken you quite a while to complete!

    You made me laugh several times (especially your #1 thing you love about winter!), and I thought your answers were very interesting. What wonderful lists.

    Thanks for the smile!

  2. I like your list, and i love to read others, but I don't think I would have any luck deciding.
    But if you really want it, I hope you get the camera and a zillion lens.

    We love your pictures. To be honest it is a joy to see patches in the pose you caught. It is priceless.
    Jack & Sherry

  3. good answers helen. you're right ... it isn't easy and i kinda resort to humor or the ridiculous when i am asked a question that i can't really answer on the spot. example ... jet skis would kill me ... and i am not particularilly interested in playing the pipes. the first hour would be great ... but it would start to bug me. now piano! that i love! good answers. keep shooting.
    nikonsniper steve

  4. of all the things listed I think we all need and want "better health".. boy howdy Helen!

  5. Very intersting! I enjoyed reading your answers!

  6. Great answers Helen, and I truly miss seeing you and Ken catching those whoppers! I enjoyed your answers...hope your week ahead is the best! Love, Joyce

  7. Nice post, one way to learn something about a person, but I think I will pass on this one. Have a very busy day ahead of me.

  8. I read all your answers, but I am too preoccupied thinking about my upcoming cataract surgery to do this.

  9. Your lists tell us you are a really nice person. You did a good job with your post.

  10. I loved reading all your answers and thanks for the link to Stephens blog, he has some beautiful shots..

  11. I am with my wife on this one.

  12. Time consuming, but great post from you :)

    Lazy Bird

  13. Must have taken some time to do that one but was enjoyable reading. Thanks for posting it.
    God Bless!


  14. I enjoyed reading your thoughful answers Helen. Thanks for taking the time to post them for us. I am out to walk Salty and then go to town. Yesterday was the anniversary of the huge ice storm that crippled Kentucky just south of me into Illinois. A storm is heading this way with just an inch of snow here, but to the south a mix. It is colder weather along with it so it is not predicted to be an ice storm, but to the south up to a quarter inch of ice possible. Very cold for Saturday and then back to seasonal. I have plenty of firewood ready for the low temps. mark/salty

  15. Helen, Thsnk you for posting thids. I enjoyed reading your snwers and find we have a few similsrities.... tsking pictures... lovin and enjoying grandchildren,,, appreciating good health (there's nothing more desirable if you don't have it. I always wanted to play the piano too. At one time all three of my children took piano lessons, I wouldn't wish that hassel on anyone. I identify with your winter comments too. I love to be warm and cozy.and I would like winter to go away.

    Thsnks again for the interesting post.

  16. I hope that some of your wishes and things to look forward to come true for you-especially good health.