Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We have the computerized board here in the waiting room in the hospital telling about a patients progress in surgery, thing was Ken's name was on there to start with then I was watching to see what time they actually started surgery. Well his name didn't show anywhere, one of the nurses called me and said the surgery had been going on about 15 min that she has been really busy and didn't get a chance to call me. His name never showed up on that board anymore. She did call every hour though. The last time she called I told her that board wasn't working right. She said it was working right from where they were. She told me they liked about 30 min being finished and then the doc would call but I looked up in about 30 min and there he was had just come in a door at the back. They have a special room where you go and talk to doctors but some of the Doc's just came on in and talked to the patents where they were sitting. Guess it was quicker that way. But as soon as I looked up and saw him I got up quickly and went where he was.
Ken had a rough night. Fever and chills for a good part of the night. His throat was so sore he could hardly talk to me. Finally they gave him a couple of Tylenol and got the fever down a good bit. He didn't sleep much. His doc will be around early this morning. I doubt he will get to come home today. Things will have to get a lot better today if he does.
Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts and your comments.

Have a blessed day everyone, Helen


  1. Sounds like we had better continue praying for Ken.

  2. You are in my prayers. I hope his condition improves over the next couple days. Once surgery is over, recovering from it can be tough. You take care.

  3. Oh, boy, you and Ken will be in my thoughts hoping for a safe recovery now that the surgery is over, which is a big step.

  4. WOW, it is rough to sit without too much information in a serious situation. The problem is these folks deal with serious problems constantly that they forget YOU are YOU and this is IMPORTANT!!!

    Our prayers for Ken, and you. Also hope today is much better.
    Sending Love and prayers from Florida.

  5. I too am hoping that there is a lot of improvement today and even if he doesn't get home today, you know it will be soon. Sending lots of prayers and love your way!

  6. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers ~ and hoping Ken will be allowed home soon ~ Ally
    Ally Lifewithally@blogspot.com

  7. Helen, I will continue to keep Ken and you in my prayers. I hope he will be feeling better tomorrow when you go to visit with him. I want you to take care of yourself too. Try and take one day at a time, and remember God is in control, and he will watch over both of you.
    Big Hug!

  8. I'm praying for you and Ken. Recovery can sometimes be slow, let's hope once the pain subsides he'll start feeling better. Those sore throats caused by the various tubes they put down you are horrible. Lots of love to you both. Jeannette xxxx