Friday, December 26, 2008

Please check out the previous entry, Sorry everything is messing up

I am so sorry that I messed up on the previous entry of the movie. I am glad at least that it came through.
Donna, I didn't erase your comment. It got deleted somewhere along the way. The font and everything is messing up this morning.
Anyway, My son And DIL was leaving our Christmas gathering yesterday and she was getting her small dog Baby to show off. After I saw Patches was joining in I grabbed my camera. If you will please check out the previous entry. I thought it was so funny.
Have a blessed day everyone. Helen


  1. I loved the video and I thank you for the
    ***BIG SMILE*** today.

  2. Hello Miss Helen,

    Really great video....Too Funny...You and Mr. Ken have a wonderful day.

    God Bless


  3. that's hysterical! LOL.. "I love yooooou!" hehehe

  4. LOL..the puppies were so cute...and boy the "tails" were really wagging LOLOL...glad all had a nice a Happy New Year to you all....Hugs from KY...Ora

  5. Very funny Helen. I get such a kick out of this... Glad you had a great Christmas and have a happy new year...