Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rare snow in Alabama

This is the only snow we have had this winter season. We only got about an inch I suppose.

Poor Pear tree blossoms.

3-1-09 018

3-1-09 021


  1. I suppose that will be quite enough snow to knock out the pears. We used to get these storms in Utah that would wipe out the apricots or whatever. But the photo is gorgeous. A storm with a downside.

  2. Glad you got a bit of the winter wonderland experience :o)

  3. HELEN, quit your bit**ching. At least your snow will be all gone tomorrow, I will have to get some pictures tomorrow to show you a real snow. It has just started and is supposed to last for 36 hours here and we are expecting a foot. It will probably last here for a week or so. I live outside of Philly.
    Pear trees in bloom already. At least here we do no even see a pussy willow bloom until late March.
    I have always envied those who lived south and had so better weather than we get here. I am only able to only golf about eight months out of the year and your golfers can play the full twelve months.
    Oh well such is life and I will never move since my grandchildren are here and I will be with them.
    Good luck to you and Ken stay well and take care of yourselves. Love to both of you, Bill

  4. I wish you could have sent some of that snow further south...ha. Have a great day, Sheila

  5. I think we got the same snow. Our pear tree never got more then a dozen pears the last time we had a late snow, hope yours fairs better.

  6. Boy, March really is roaring in like a lion this year. Oh, I hope your pear tree makes it! It sure looks pretty - but when you live in a place that isn't accustomed to getting snow, even a dusting (which is what we would call that amount of snow in upstate NY) can cause a lot of probelms.

  7. Very pretty, but it is a shame about the pear blossoms indeed. Keep warm!

  8. Goregeous! I hear the little birdies...They looked so cute on the picnic table. Thanks for sharing...I had to work so I didn't get to enjoy it.

  9. Are they the blossoms you showed us the other day ...oh dear ,lovely on pictures but in reality brr no thank you,Keep warm Jan xx

  10. I do hope the pears survive. The photos and the video were great. Hugs and love,

  11. Helen,
    I hope that your pears survive the snow...WE are suppose to have temps in the 70's this weekend! crazy weather isn't it?
    Hope you and Ken are well.

  12. I think I heard a bird chirping, right? lol We have not had much snow this year and things are really getting dry around here. It rained a little last night but not enough. Hope you have a blessed week. Janie