Monday, March 2, 2009

A few more snow pictures

3-1-09 012

Patches footprints
Patches footprints 3-1-09

Here she is checking out the snow, No I did not cut her head off this blog did that. If you click on the pic you can see all of it LOL
Patches-3-1-09 1

Now she on the alert for squirrels

The Snow is all gone now but it's pretty cold. For those who wondered. Yes, the pear blossom pics yesterday laden with snow is from the same tree I posted about the other day with the pretty blooms. Ken hopes the snow kills all the blooms so he won't have to pick any up pears later LOL. When those pears fell last year they got covered with baby bumblebees, I mean a lot of them, (he got his hands stung even through his gloves) so Ken had to pick them up twice a day because the tree was loaded with pears.
Have a blessed day everyone. Helen


  1. The photos are beautiful! I don't blame him...I wouldn't want to pick the pears up either.

  2. Your patches was probably wondering what that cold white stuff was . The pictures are very nice. But I still like the dafodil one better.

  3. Your pics are lovely Helen! I love shots like that...and Patches is cute as ever!


  4. I loved the photos...the snow on the red was so pretty in the first one. Patches is as cute as ever...hope it gets warmer your way...hugs and love,

  5. Patches is such a cute dog, lol. Love it! Beautiful photo of the pear tree.

  6. Hi Helen...and Ken too....cannot say I blame Ken about the pear trees...but I do enjoy eating pears...would take them off your hands..or out of your yard if I was closer LOL..your pictures are so nice as always...sure want that back of your to shape up and feel better...can just see you and Ken fishing along the computer was down for a while...had to replace hard drive and some other parts...but ok now...cheaper than a new one...or so I think anyway LOL..good to be back on...miss all my blogger friends....happy day to ya...Ora in KY

  7. Well, that was a good enough reason not to want pears. That photo of snow covering fruit blossoms so striking. And dog footprints to measuring the depth of snow. Good photos there, Helen.

  8. Oh Helen what lovely pictures ,and my doesnt Patches like the snow ,I hope the snow has slowed down the pear Harvest for the sake of poor Kens hands lol Jan xx

  9. I love the pic of the berries! Beautiful!

  10. Patches is the same color as the snow! She's just gorgeous!

    Hope it warms up soon - its freezing here...

  11. Great pictures, you caught Patches looking like a pointer! Good shot.
    Yeah and the snow came on over to NC and hit us. It is beautiful though, glad it will not last here.

  12. Love the pictures. At least I can enjoy the snow through your pictures. I remember when it would snow in Kansas, there would be little rabbit footprints coming out from under our deck. We never saw a rabbit in our yard though.
    Take care, Sheila

  13. Lovely pictures of the snow and Patches ~ I hope we have seen the last of the snow here in the UK ~ although the dogs loved to play in it :o) ~ Ally x

  14. Helen.I really like your pictures,What kind of camera do you use.If you dont mind me asking.Stop by my blog when you can.Also Greg Kiser has some beautiful pictures of water falls and different things. check his out.I have his link on my blog.Take care

  15. Do you ever make pear preserves out of the pears Helen? They are soooooo good with hot buttered biscuits at Breakfast time! Patches is so pretty and blends in well with the snow! lol

  16. great pics Helen.. and great news for your daughter!

    ..and Patches. she is just so animated and takes the best pictures!! Daisy is adorable but Patches is the "model" :o)

  17. Your little dog is so cute! Pretty pictures. Wow! Bees on the pears. Never knew about anything like that. You must really have a lot of pears. I like pears. lol Hope you have a good week and your daughter is doing alright. Prayers, Janie