Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still hanging in there

Good afternoon everybody. We are all still hanging in there, Doing a little better but far from well. I have been shredding old bills the last two weeks from way back. I thought I would get some of this mess cleared up so if something should happen to me then no one else would have to do so much. I cleaned out Ken's old office desk and we gave it and a chair to a place called Center of Hope. Of course I had to box up the old paper work that needs to be saved in case the IRS should ever call for the records.
We are under a tornado watch until 8:00 PM tonight. I hope it doesn't get bad weather wise.
Now on to some of the flowers that are blooming here now.

2-10-09 001

2-10-09 004

2-10-09 008

2-18-09 010

2-18-09 003

2-18-09 008

Have a blessed afternoon everyone. Helen


  1. It was really nice hearing from you. I'm glad you and Ken are doing better. The pictures of the flowers are beautiful. It reminds me Spring is just around the corner. I hope you're having a good day.

  2. I sure wish the 2 of your were doing great. Sorry it is such a bad time for you. Take care in the tornado. Love the flowers.

  3. Ohhh, look at the flowers! Still brown here, I'm afraid. I am SO looking forward to spring!

  4. I wish you the best.. hope things start looking up for you.. as usual your pictures are beautiful...makes me want spring to come even earlier... take care..

  5. Nice to see flowers in bloom where you are. Flowers always pick up the spirits no matter what is going on. Nice to hear from you with flowers.

  6. Spring has come to you, Helen - I hope you are doing well.

  7. Those beautiful flowers will help anyone feel some better. Great pictures. It is a job clearing out old papers. Sis. Shirl is always on that. Clear it out, so someone else won't have to. The next book deals with some of that stuff.
    Good to hear from you and see the photo's
    Good. Jack

  8. I am happy you updated....and always love the your warmer weather, but not the tornado safe. Not to will be around for a very, very long time ...shredding is something good to do, and I need to do the same soon. You and Ken take care..and feel better real soon...hugs and love to you!

  9. Hang in there guys...
    Lovely pictures Helen!


  10. I hope you get well soon. Whatever the condition outside, I know you feel great inside, because that is most important.

    These picture are wonderful. It can cheer anyone who sees it, definitely.

    Tornado watch! Wow. What do you do if there is one? Do have an underground shelter for such situation?

    Hope you will have a great week ahead.

  11. Sorry to hear that you are still not well. Hope you got some satisfaction from shredding :)

    Your daffodil photos are pure sunshine! I can just see about 3/4 of an inch of green stems peeking thru the ground of mine.

  12. It is 26F at 9:15 am in S. IL. A few snow flakes. The physical therapist has helped me with my hip as a muscle has been very tight and I am getting ultrasound and exercise. Without that treatment I would be so much worse off, and am very happy to be able to have such great health care. By reading several hours this morning (laying down),my mind is away from the problems I am still having with my back. I am learning new exercises that are helping, and am more aware of what to expect not having the bone in my lumbar for spinal strenght. That is where my problem is, in that picking up any weight is unlike a normal back, using my legs to lift with (as we were told to do). I just don't have the ability and cannot lift weight except with my legs straight and with the object being grabbed, like a 50 lb. bag of dogfood. I get the bag upright and pick it up from the corner's. Things like a car battery I must use a belt attached to the battery strap and carry it on the sling devise. I have you both in my thoughts and hope that with medical advances, something will improve your situation soon. Salty is about 6 years old now and we take our walks daily. For about a week I was not able to do the walks because of my hip, and now I am walking fine. I enjoy seeing the photos of your flower garden already in bloom. mark

  13. Hello Helen

    Tornado's eh !! That must be scary, have you every been caught up in one ? Some of my daffs are jus starting to open - my favourite time of year for flowers.
    Take Care Helen,
    Big Luv, Jaynee X

  14. It's a bit early for daffs for us, but i am looking forward to spring. Lovely pics as usual.
    Jenny <><

  15. I'm answering two posts in one, I'm way behind in journal reading! I'm so glad you had no damage from the tornadoes, that must have been a scary time when you were in the car when the other tornado struck, I'm not surprised you're frightened of them! Your daffodils are gorgeous! Be careful with the paperwork, I've been sorting mine out and know how heavy it gets! Jeannette xx

  16. Beautiful spring flowers!
    I saw a few tulips popping up here in NY, go figure, we had a few days of warm weather,last week,NOW it's cold....what a tease Mother Nature can be!!!