Friday, February 27, 2009

Another Stormy Time

Well this afternoon and tonight is another stormy time here is Al. Several tornado's have been spotted in the state. I don't know if any damage has been done anywhere or not. I can hear it thundering now. Would you believe it is calling for snow showers on Sunday? We shall see LOL.
We did have some colder weather last week with weather in the twenties. I though the Bartlett pear tree was a gonner for sure but it is still hanging in there. Ken says he hopes the blooms will get killed since he had to pick up so many pears and dispose of them last summer and fall LOL.

Bartlett Pear 2-18-09

Bartlett Pear 2-18-09

We both went back to our regular doc yesterday. Ken has pulled his stomach muscles and has been having a time. He went to a Cares Clinic Wednesday and got some muscle relaxers and pain caps and that has helped. He goes next week to get a breathing test of some sort done then on to a pulmonary or lung doc next Wed. He has been getting out of breath really easy. Our doc is doing a bunch of blood work in a few days. That clinic did a few and says his white blood cell count is up some so our doc is checking that out with other blood work his heart doc wanted done.
My hip and upper leg has been doing some better but this back is still giving me fits at times. At least the pain running down that right leg and the upper thigh is better.
My daughter has an appointment with the neurosurgeon for next Tuesday the 3rd. with her back. She was out of work all last week with that. Please remember us all in you good thoughts and prayers. Thanks in advance.
I am hoping better days are ahead so we can do some crappie fishing from the banks this spring the Good Lord willing. We can always be hopeful. Never loose hope or faith is our motto. Got to keep hanging on.
Oh, we ordered some wildflowers for the front plot that is supposed to be low grow more than what we had last year and some for shady spots on the side of our carport. They came yesterday. Ken will have to see to that when he is better. Doing something like that would set me way back for sure.
Well I slept for a while so back off to bed I go to see if I can snooze a little more.
Have a blessed weekend everyone. Helen


  1. I saw the news report on tornados yesterday! I hope everyone is okay. We're to get snow showers Sunday to Monday, I think. I just wish we would get hammered one time. I'm tired of these tease snows, lol. Have a lovely week!

  2. Tornado season has arrived for sure. Even here in Ohio an unseasonably mild front can trigger one. Snow is on the ground here once again but no blooms yet. Hope you both are feeling better and you get those flowers planted. It will be May before we can do that. Your daughter will be in my prayers as are both of you. 'On Ya'-ma

  3. I never knew there was an actual "tornado season" until recently.

    Sending your whole family healing prayers. I'm so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well, and that keeps you from doing things you love ~gardening, fishing....

    Your photos are stunning! I can't wait to have some blossoms in my garden so I can practice taking shots like that.

  4. sending up prayers for your family.
    have a nice wkend.

  5. Stay save downthere. We got a thunderstorm and now snow. bummer as ours was finally gone. Prayers being sent to you and your family.

  6. I hope you are safe from the tornadoes Helen ,I do hope all your prayers come true and you are able to fish again ,The pictures of the blossom are beatiful Jan xx

  7. Hope you miss the worst of the weather. Have faith that you will soon be fishing :o)

  8. Good entry. Glad the pain running down the leg is better, I hate that.
    But the crappie fishing sounds great. I miss fresh crappie. For years we had crappie two three times a week while in Florida, then I sold the boat. I sure miss it. I love three fish expecially:Crappie, Flounder & Halibut.
    Take care and I hope everyone gets to feeling better soon,and the weather turns great.
    Since we got here to NC, they predict some cold sna snow this weekend. But we know here it will not stay long. Tahnks good ness.

  9. I drove from Montgomery to Birmingham and back yesterday - it was crazy bad. Glad you are ok - these shots are what I will really miss about Bham - the bradford pears there are amazing.

  10. Very pretty pictures. I'm sorry both of you are having health problems. Praying you both are better in time to get that fishing in.

  11. Great to see you here, Helen. Stay safe in those storms, and think spring!!

    Hugs, Beth

  12. Stay safe, and keep alert to weather reports as I am sure you have been doing. I just saw the news on CNN they say the state of Alabama is being hit hard. Keeping all in prayers for better weather and better health too for all in your family. Photos are lovely...hope the pear can survive...hugs and love,

  13. Let us know when you can if your OK. I hear your getting slammed and a tornado or 2 is causing some troubles. Prayers being sent.