Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ken Eyes and flowers

Yesterday was a great day for Ken. He went to the eye doc for a checkup since he eyes had got so blurry. He could drop his glasses down and see the TV better without them.
Well guess what! His eyes are doing better and the reason things were so blurry was his glasses no longer suited him. They made him new glasses yesterday also. Today he went and got some groceries and he said he could see much better driving and he could read the labels on groceries much better. Praise the Good Lord. He still has the black spot in his eye but what he could see was much better. Those new eye vitamins must be working along with prayers. Yahoo!

My daughter's back is still giving her a lot of pain and she has not gone back to work yet. She still needs your prayers and good thoughts.

We had below freezing temps last night which damaged the flowers and trees. These pictures were made this past weekend.

Sweet Shrubs, check out the pollen on the petals.
Sweet Shrubs 4-3-09

The next ones are Azaleas

 Pink Azalea 4-4-09 006

Pink Azalea's 4-3-09 004

Red Azalea 3-26-09 010

Have a blessed afternoon everybody. Helen


  1. That's great news about Ken. The freezing temps hurt my plants too. Maybe this was the last of it though. Have a good evening.

  2. What good news that Ken's eyes have improved. Maybe the freezing temps are over for now. Have a nice day, Sheila

  3. Good to hear a good report.
    Your azeleas are so gorgeous.I love the red one.

  4. Better eyesight is always good news, but after cataract surgery both my mom's and dad's eyesight was improved. Lovely photos as usual. Gerry

  5. It always makes a difference when you can see better...I know Ken feels much better with the new glasses. The azalea's are just so pretty...hope ours look just as nice. I sure hope your daughter's back starts to feel better...I know she wants to get back to work as soon as she can. Hope your weather warms up and ours too...this cold is getting old!! LOL Hugs and love,

  6. How wonderful Kens sight is improving! I think I must need some of those vitamins. I will continue to pray for your daughter.Hopefull she'll feel better soon and be able to go back to work. You are the only other person I know of with a Sweet Shrub bush. My mom and I hunted high and low for one years ago and finally got one for her. She loved the smell. Now she's gone but the bush is still here and my daughter now lives in their old house so I still get to see it and smell it too. Nothing much got hurt here by the cold as things are just getting ready to bloom.

  7. Great news about Ken! How has your health been? Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Life has a way of getting in the way of my blogging sometimes ::sigh:: Your flowers are beautiful! :-)

  8. Wonderful news regarding Ken!! Sorry to hear about your daughter and the pain she continues to endure. I will make sure I continue to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. That is great news about Ken's eye!! Those are the most beautiful flowers! Will sure keep your daughter in my prayers. Wishing all of you a blessed week... and give those cute little dogs a hug. :) Hugs, Janie

  10. Praise God!!! Thank You Jesus! It does my heart good to hear the good news about Ken's sight!!!! I know you and he are happy too. GOD IS SO GOOD !
    I am still praying for you and Ken and your daughter, Helen. May God bless and keep you all.,

  11. Your Ken must be doing something right with an improved eyesight. The prayers and good thought make the recovery speedier too, I think.

    Yes. My thoughts are with your daughter. Hoping she will recover soon and always in good spirits.

    The flowers are fantastic. The colors are brilliant. You've captured the beauty perfectly. Such a wonderful cheer to start and greet spring.

    Hope you have a great warm weekend!

  12. What wonderful news for Ken! Now I want to know what kind of eye vitamins you mentioned. What was it? My eyes have been so blurry lately and I know I need new glasses - not for improved vision. (sigh),

    Beautiful flowers and color - so cheerful.


  13. I am so happy about Ken's eyes. I need to get my eyes examined soon. Sorry your daughter is still in so much pain. I love your flower shots.

  14. Brilliant flowers, Helen. Pleased Ken's got his eyesight sorted

  15. I need to go get a new prescription for my glasses. Some of the things I think I see at the grocery store turn out to be different when I get them home and read the with my reading glasses on.


  16. Good news about Ken!
    Lovely flowers as always, Helen.


  17. what great news about Kens eyes!!..

    now.. we need that kind of great news about both you and your daughters backs!

  18. just heard on the news of tornados .. i hope they were no where near you or any of your family

  19. Great news on Ken! Will say a prayer for the daughter's situation. Praying God will heal and bless your daughter!



  21. I wonder if that top pic is what mama called a sweet bubbie, I loved them The Azelias are beautiful, great pictures. Hope everything smooths out pretty soon mecidally.
    Oh yes also a great comment about the broom straw. I had forgotten about the old inner tube bands. we used them for a lot of things. I bet they were excited about the tall straw.

  22. Hi Helen, I love your pictures of the flowers. They are just lovely. Mine are no where near the beauty of yours. But, mine will get there, someday.

    I really hope your daughter gets some relief from the pain. Poor thing, I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

    Really good to hear about Ken. I know he's doing the happy dance.

    You guys have a wonderful Easter and enjoy the beautiful weather.


  23. thanks for the reminder...I need to make an appointment with eye doctor also...LOL...your flowers are azealeas didn't do well this year....guess they needed a rest...but the weather has been crazy...warm one day...freezing the next...sheesh....glad Ken is doing better...and the best of hugs to you....Ora in KY

  24. So his eyesight improved? Tell me the secret! I would love to know. I always heard eating lots of carrots, the vitamin K in them I think? So glad his eyes are improving! Amazing. :) I bet your yard is just beautiful Helen. You have so many beautiful things blooming and growing there. The azaleas are blooming nice here at my house too. The hail storm on Saturday shredded the flowers, but they still look pretty, the ones that didnt get shredded.

  25. That is wonderful that Ken's sight has improved so much. I hope Mira improves as time goes on, but back surgery can take time. I enjoyed all the photos of flowers and the hummingbirds also. The insect was unusual. Salty's scar is finally healed enough that he no longer need the head cone since Tuesday(Apr.14). Those people with the dog have been put on notice so that their dog never is loose again. I am waiting to hear from my lawyer before either filing a law suit myself, or having the lawyer file it. mark/salty