Monday, April 20, 2009

New flower & my daughter

I went to Lowe's last Saturday and got a few flowers which I said I wasn't going to do this season. Also a few tomato plants but I haven't planted anything yet.

My daughter Mira is still having back problems. The scar has healed up good from the outside I just hope it is healing good on the inside. I will be so glad when all that swelling goes down. The pain is in her back, running out into one hip and down that leg. She still has not gone back to work. She is a bad diabetic also. She has an appointment to see her Doc again Wednesday afternoon. She still needs a lot of prayers please. Thanks in advance.

No, mine has not quit hurting either. The pain is not where my last surgery was done but down below there where I had a spinal fusion done many years ago and it is hurting around there. I don't regret having the last surgery because he got out a lot of scar tissue and some pretty good sized bones which I feel sure I would probably had to have fixed in the future and I am not getting any younger so I feel like it was best to go ahead and have it done.

Now on to one of the flowers I got which is a cyclamen.
4-17-09 023

4-17-09 024

Have a good night everyone and may it be a blessed one.


  1. I will keep your daughter in my prayers. One of my DIL's is a diabetic and I know from her experiences that means it takes longer to heal too. Take good care yourself. Back problems can be a pain for sure. I love your cyclamen. I've seen them here, but as house plants only. 'On Ya'-ma

  2. I'm praying for your daughter; what a shame that she has so many problems and issues.

    I'm glad you got some flowers; they do brighten up our lives!

  3. For sure sending up prayers for Mira and you too...this has been a long road for both of you. Hope all goes well for her doctor appt. Wed. The flowers are so pretty. I can understand why you are waiting on planting...just to be on the safe side. We are having tons of rain here...but we can use it. Hope each day is a better day for you and Mira...hugs to all of you and love,

  4. Wow lady the back troubles sound terrible still. Hope some relief comes eith the healing in the daughter and yours eases.
    The shots of the cyclamen is beautiful, don't know if ZI ever saw one or not. The Top picture is beautiful.
    Take care and hope you the best.

  5. HI HELEN,
    I am still praying for you both and Ken also...back pain is so bad...when I have the episodes with my siatic nerve, I can not even walk hardly at all.
    That flower is so it a potted plant or is it one you put out in the yard?

  6. I will keep you both in my prayers. It is definitely no fun being in pain all the time. Enjoy your new flowers, Sheila

  7. Oh, so sorry to hear that your daughter is still hurting. Will continue to keep her in my prayers. Prayers for you too. Those are beautiful flowers. :) Hope your week is blessed. Hugs, Janie

  8. You always have the most beautiful photos of flowers. I adore these every time.

    My thoughts are with you and your daughter. To heal soon and be happy to enjoy life as it is meant to be.

  9. I loved all the pics!
    very sweet.
    Kisses from London

  10. I like your flower photos a lot.

    And I will do a butterfly or two beginning on the 22nd on gobsmacks.

  11. I am itching to start planting flowers but it is to soon. It takes so long to recover from back surgery. I hope your daugher feels better soon.

  12. Hi Helen...sorry the back pain is still with us...seems it takes a long time for such to heal...if ever...prayers for you and the family abound!!! and your flowers...I have seen and received a cyclemon from time to time...but don't seem to have alot of luck with them...but your pics make me want to try again LOL...and what is the pretty blue flower at the top??? happy day to you and to Ken too....hugs from Ora in KY

  13. sending good vibes to your daughter.. recovery takes time.. I understand that all to well. Love the flowers.. the red just pops!

  14. There is nothing worse than a bad back. I have pain down my hip and leg also and some days are worse than others. I hope when her swelling goes down so will the pain.
    Your new cyclamen is so pretty with its marbled pattern leaves.I like the red I think better than the pink ones.

  15. I love the blue one at the top of your page.


  16. oh, Helen.. I wish you and your daughter didn't have this pain...I am in some pain too and it really drags you down .. I do hope it gets better for both of you! hugs*

    i think we spend money "foolishly" (on things not absolutely necessary) to help us feel better, even if it's not for long... it helps.

  17. I'm praying for you all. My hubby has back problems too. It's so painful.

    your flowers are beautiful

  18. I hope Mira will heal up nicely over the coming weeks. I have been in a lot of pain myself, but I just keep pressing forward. Not my back, my feet, legs and knees mostly. Been doing more than I should probably, not building up to it, and now I am paying for it. I hope your back eases up for you. Going to Lowes is...addictive and fun. You see all the beautiful plants and flowers, you just have to bring a few home! :) Hugs, Kelly

  19. It seems your daughter's pain is similar to the nerve pain I am having after one year. Hopefully it will get better on it's own and then it is a matter of exercise to keep it in check. At least that is what I am thinking is working for me at the present. Still I don't sleep at night without medication. Lyrica is for nerve pain. Another medicine I take works on different brain receptors. The cyclamen is a different looking flower I have never seen before. It has a more intense red than the most red rose. Beautiful photo. mark